Entrypoints, the audio entrance to Roon, made the move to HiRes!

Entrypoints is a collection of Roon extensions that act as an input to your Roon system. Music from input devices like turntables, cd players and phones can be streamed to Roon zones and can use the Roon specific features like DSP.

Entrypoints is the continuation of the development that was done for the CD Player extension. The CD Entrypoint is the improved version of the CD Player, making the latter obsolete.

You can read about Entrypoints on its Wiki, make sure to also watch the Introduction Video, there is a link at the end of the Wiki homepage.

The Audio Entrypoint, that makes use of a soundcard, is in an early development state and will need finetuning.

Please use this thread for feedback and questions.

How to Install
Update the Extension Manager to version 0.11.8 and the Extension Repository to version 0.3.16, there is a new category for Entrypoints.

Note: Entrypoints are Docker based extensions. They require the Extension Manager and Docker, both running on a Linux host.


Didn’t understand any of the video so some reading ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

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I extended, and will keep on extending, the documentation. Hopefully after reading this the video starts making more sense.

I wasn’t knocking either the video or the documentation, I should have been more explicit in that I was bemoaning my own complete lack of knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a spare pi with currently has ropieee on it, as it’s ease of use is commensurate with my skill.levels.
I guess I need some hardware to input the signal, I’ll read the documents to see what I need.

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Does this mean, for example, that 24bit support is in the pipeline? And higher sample rates?

EDIT: my thinking here is vinyl playback with a high output MC cartridge (like the Dynavector 10x5 mk2) into the (balanced) mic inputs of a modern USB sound card, a Pi with Entrypoint and sox riaa (24bit/44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz)

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Wow this is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

Very Cool @Jan_Koudijs this really takes the pain out it and makes it Roon centric instsll. Well done. What are you using as the encoder LiquidSoap? Its shame these encoders are all limited to 16bit.

There are no internet radio encoders that do 24bit natively unfortunately that are in the public domain at least. Liquidsoap it may be possible with the later versions using ffmpeg, but I found it couldnt reliably encode anything direct from Alsa and ffmpeg without buffer issues. I couldnt build a version of Liquidsoap with ffmpeg support either its a real pain if your not a developer, although I am sure Jan could.

@Jan_Koudijs struggling to get the dietpi extension manager to show extension to install audio entrypoint. Does it need to be a docker instsll on dietpi as well or am I missing something. I have the main entrypoint installed on my NAS?

Have been looking forward to roon becoming my preamp for years! Thank you!

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It isn’t in the pipeline as I don’t know if it can be done with the software components used (as explained by @Simon_Arnold3 in post 8).

With “Early development state” I mean that I only tested the 2 configurations that I have. When people start using this with all kinds of soundcards issues might pop-up. One of the current limitations is that the default sound device is used, this works for my setups, but will it work for others?

When the maturity of the current implementation is better known then 24 bit support might be worth investigating.


Extension Manager doesn’t have to run in a Docker container. Have you updated the Extension Repository to v0.3.16? If so, do you see other Docker based extensions in the list (e.g. the CD Ripper)?

I think 16bit is enough to represent vinyl itself, but it would be good to have 24bit to ‘work with’ while processing… like avoiding clipping on clicks. I’d have to convert at -25 to -30dB as riaa correction will be done after A/D. So to stay out of trouble I’d rather have 24bit.

Yes its all on the same version of both as my NAS version whch is running in a docker but it wont show up in dietpi version of extension manager nor does the cd ripper or Deep Harmony.

Why not use phono preamp before to handle riaa then you just get line level. This is how I have done it before, I would not trust software to handle this side of things personally.

It would be nice to have both option, personally I would prefer riaa to happen in the digital domain.


Because I then will have to buy a phono pre. I believe I’ll get better sound with the cartridge connected to a balanced mic input +digital riaa than a cheap riaa like Rega’s Fono Mini A2D for example. Nothing bad with the Rega at all, but it is not in the top class.


Looks like the Docker daemon isn’t found. If you connect via ssh to DietPi and enter:

docker version

What output do you get?

Does this tie into an audio recognition database (like Shazam) to get track info, then metadata? That would be cool for analog sources.

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I didnt install docker so perhaps that’s why then? Will try that later.