Can You Use Two MiniDSP’s 2x4 HD with Roon?

I built an OB speakers. It has tweeter, mid and 2 woofer per side. My thought was to have active crossovers for each driver
(8 channels, 2 MiniDSP’s). However, I am having trouble figuring out if and how I can make the above setup work. Has anyone used two MiniDSP’s for their stereo system? If so how did you make it work. Thanks for your help.


I’ve not used two MiniDSPs with Roon, but my office setup has 2 DACs, so it should work in much the same way.

The main DAC (Topping E50) drives the main speakers with a high pass filter at 100 Hz. The second DAC (Topping D10s) drives the sub with a low pass filter at 100Hz. Both are connected to the same RPi via USB, however they show as separate endpoints. Filters are done in Roon as parametric EQ and saved as separate DSP profiles. One profile is applied to one endpoint and the other to the second endpoint. I simply group them into one zone and control the volume from a Roon remote device. They play the same source but provide filtered outputs and the volume ramps up and down on both at the same time.

You should be able to set up a pair of MiniDSPs in much the same way. You would take the input and map it to the outputs with filters applied to the 4 outputs. Either L&R on each to two filtered L&R outputs or you could map one input to four filtered outputs and use each MiniDSP as a separate L or R channel.

One caveat is, that you’re relying on RAAT’s protocol to keep the group synchronized, which will never be as tight as a multichannel DAC with one clock source, but using two of the same units, you may just get away with the clock drifts not audibly getting in the way.
Let us know how it works out for you…

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Graeme and Marin,

Thanks so much for your input. It is extremely helpful. Had been trying to use optical (someone recommended) for Pi but it seems easier to use the USB outs on the Pi. Again thanks so much for responding to my request. Greatly appreciated. Taipan

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