Canned wifi now cannot connect to core

I changed my wifi setup and now cannot connect to the ROCK core. I can connect to it through Safari using its IP address, but wifi seem to be the problem. Not having any other issue with the new Google WFI setup, connect to printers, phones, iPads, etc.


Ronn operating system 1.0 158

Software 1.5 323

iPhone6 iOS 11

Any other info needed?



UPDATE: Using my iPad Air I can access Roon initially by using the old WIFI network and then control it, change playlists, etc using the new WIFI network. Are there any setting I can access in ROCK core that would fix this problem?



Hello @Peter_Truce — Thanks for sharing your report here, it’s always appreciated!

First, can you verify that your Core machine is connected to the correct network after you’ve made your changes? Is your Core machine connected to the router via wifi as well or is it a wired connection?

Since making the wifi setup changes, have you tried rebooting your Core machine, remote device, and any relevant networking hardware?


How do I verify that the Core machine is connected to the same network? I can “see” the Core machine by IP address suing a browser and turn it off, reboot it, etc. I just cannot access using the Roon remote app on my iPhone 6 running IOS 11.

I can access the ROCK using my new iPad Air but it appears that I have to go to my old WIFI to start the connection, then I can switch the iPad to the new Google WIFI mesh system and I can access it and change playlists, access setting, etc.

Is there a setting where I can change the wifi on the ROCK computer? I suspect not as I am just accessing the system through WIFI and the ROCK is a wired device with an IP address.



OK. Just re-booted the system using my iPhone 6 but could not log into it remotely to play music. But I could log in using my iPad Air so i guess my phone is just out of luck here.


UPDATE: iPhone is now connecting after rebooting the phone. So please consider this

Case Closed.



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