Cannot access NAS

  • Roon Optimized Core Kit / Roon Version 1.6 (build 416) stable (64 bit)

  • Ethernet connected to Fios Quantum Rounter

  • Library on WD MyCloud

  • Accessed from Ipad or Windows 10 / 64 bit

ROCK is no longer connecting to my NAS storage. I can access the files on the NAS from my PC. The WD MyCloud shows a series of SAMBA error messages of "CIFS: Authentication for user [guest] has FAILED. "


  1. I’m not logging on as "guest’
  2. The error messages aren’t occuring when I try and re-add the network share after deleting it with the same credentials that enable me to connect from my PC. Yet while doing so I get the Roon message below.

I’ve rebooted all the devices in the chain in the order recommended.

I can access Qobuz from Roon, and had been listening to Qobuz exclusively for the last couple months. So cannot say how long this has been a problem


You can try it with the IP-address instead of the host name.

Hi @James_May,

I would try connecting via IP address as @BlackJack has noted and you would need to place it in the following format: smb://IP_ADDRESS_OF_NAS/SHARE_NAME/FOLDER. It is also suggested that a Reserved IP address be used for the NAS to ensure that this does not change.

This, along with other NAS troubleshoting steps can be found in our NAS Troubleshooting Docs. Can you please let me know if the above instructions help?

Hi @noris When I set up my NUC8i3BEH/ROCK a few weeks ago, I also could not connect to my Synology NAS using the host name. I had no issue with this when Roon Core was on my iMac. For my NUC/ROCK I resorted to using the IP address and making the IP address for my ROCK & NAS static. So the question is why does the host name not work with ROCK? I have seen several reports of this issue but so far no real explanation. BTW, there have been no updates to DSM since I started using Roon. Cheers!

To be able to use a name to connect to a host, a supported (on both sides, server and client) name resolution method is needed.

DNS host name ≠ Windows network host name; Yes, they can be different.
Name resolution services for Windows networks: NMB (for host networks, deprecated), WINS (for domains, deprecated), [Apple Bonjour | mDNS | zeroconf] (for host networks), DDNS (for domains)

For Synology you should check that WS-Discovery is enabled.


Thanks all. Problem resolved by configuring the IP address.

Since I’ve needed to “add” the directory with music i.e., the same directory as previously, but with the address configured differently, do I also need to restore the most recent database backup to preserve my edits?

Also, I’ve been using this NAS, addressed by name not IP address since I migrated the Roon server from PC to ROCK on a NUC about 10 months ago. Why would that suddenly stop working?

Just check on an album/track/artist/composer/composition you know you edited in the past and check if your edit is still in place. If it is, then there’s no need to restore from a backup.

Hi @James_May,

You should not have to, as long as Roon only saw one copy of the media files at any given time. Our Preserve Edits Guide touches upon this subject, but from what you have noted, it appears that the NAS was inaccessible since changing to an IP based address.

Yes, this is a good idea to make sure that all the edits transferred through.

I can’t say for sure, but it could be due to any number of things. A firmware update on the router, a firmware update on the NAS itself, different network configuration, ect. If the IP address works, my suggestion would be to use this for now. Thanks!

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