Cannot Access Previous Core Data After Changing IP Address

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Hi. I recently changed the network interface and IP address of my Roon Core Windows machine. When I opened roon remote on my laptop, it could not find core and asked if I wanted to connect to a different core. I said yes, and clicked “ok” when it said i would not longer be able to access my old music. I assumed that once I logged into the same core instance, at the new IP address, that it would automatically see all of my previous library and settings. Alas, when I logged in again, I had 0 albums, 0 artists, etc… No, i did not backup my core prior to doing this, but have to believe that I can still access all of my previous data.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Local files or streaming service library?
In both cases Roon is likely treating this like a new install.
So you will need to check settings: storage to make sure Roon is looking in the right drive/ folder etc for your local files.
And similar with settings: services, probably need to enter all your credentials again to login to these service’s.

Thank you. Both local and streaming. Getting the library back is not a big deal, but what I’m looking to do is restore my previous favorites, playlists, audio devices, etc…

For that you would need to restore a db backup.
If you did not do a backup then I don’t know if you will be able to do anymore than restore your library.

Well, it looks like my automatic backups were in fact working! For some reason I was sure they had not been. So I’m all set! Thanks again for your advice.

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