Cannot access ROCK - NUC failure?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK OS (latest version after upgrade) running on Intel NUC8I7BEH3 (fanless case) Samsung 860 1TB EVO SSD, Transcend 128GB NVMe Pcle Gen3 x4 MTE110S M.2 Solid State Drive, Crucial CT8G4SFS824A 8 GB DDR4

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet cabled direct to router. Fibre broadband (750mbps).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Simaudio Moon 390D, Ethernet

Description Of Issue

I have been successfully using Roon on for a year with no problems playing mixture of Quboz streaming and hires download from NUC SSD. Within last 7 days Qobuz/files on NUC have been slower to load and tracks randomly stop whilst playing. Clicking play again got them going again but yesterday, stopped mid track and would not play anymore. Roon control would not connect to ROCK and ROCK not appearing on network. Restarted NUC a few times, blue light comes on as usual and the orange light on the front flashes in a regular pattern but NUC not appearing on network. This problem looks similar to other posts re- problematic ROCK upgrade, so downloaded ROCK to flash drive using Etcher and tried to boot in Recovery Mode. Problem I seem to have is whilst NUC is powered on and I get the menu option on the screen (F2, F7 and F10 options - see image) F10 does not activate and after 60-90 seconds an error message appears. (see second image). Any suggestions please?

Changes in last 7 days: Upgrade to latest Roon version, installation of fibre optic broadband to house (all other devices working fine).

The one time I got this was not on a ROCK machine, but on WIN10.

Therefore, I think you have a hardware problem, i.e. some problem before the OS gets involved.

For me, it was a bad USB hub.

In any event, the message is telling you where the potential problems are.

Whay happens when you enter Setup?

Hi, setup takes me to BIOS screen. Not sure what to look for here…

Yeah, it has the potential to be a major PITA.

Do you have an external USB drive?

Maybe double check and reseat the memory and/or your internal drives?

A different keyboard, perhaps? Or temporarily unplug it, just to see if you boot.

Last, are you using a Transcend M.2 drive. If so, those have given people problems.

Thank you for the ideas, nothing has worked so far but I do have a Transcend M.2 128gb. Replacement Samsung M.2 arriving today so will try that and attempt a clean install from the flash drive.

Great, I would have no fear with betting that’s the problem.

The Transcend drive going south has manifested as your symptoms, to other people.

Roon used to recommend Transcend, but I think they’ve stopped because of the problems.

That’s it. I replaced the Transcend with Samsung 970 EVO M.2 and all working perfectly again. We have music!

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Fantastic. Dodged a potential debugging PITA.

Hi @Andrew_Bartlett,

Thanks for letting us know that replacing the faulty SSD sorted this issue out, fantastic news indeed!

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