Cannot Add Album to Roon from Tidal - Can someone Test?

Hi There,

I cannot for the Life of me add this album to Roon. (Added FINE to Tidal, but won’t show up in Roon and cannot add through Roon at all.

See here for ROON error

Please Help! Seems this particular album is ‘broken’ I have no issues with other albums.

Can anyone else add this OK or is it just me having issues?


That album is not available (or found) in Tidal or Roon for me here in Canada.

Can you play it from the Tidal app?

Cheers, Greg

Sure can, works fine. It’s also added in my tidal app.

I can also play it fine from the Roon app.

Just cannot ‘Add’ it.

Added ok (through Roon) here in UK.

Hi @Snook.

I was able to add this album okay on my end. Can you try rebooting your Core machine and give it another go?

Would you believe rebooting actually fixed it…

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