Cannot Add Folder in Settings - Storage

I need to add a new folder - Watched Folder.

When I click + Add Folder, Roon will only let me add one with a network path.

How do I add a folder that is local to my computer? I have done this before and now I cannot.

Settings --> Storage – [Watched folders] Add Folder
and then either browse to the local folder path or type it in.

Yes, that is what I used to have available, but now there is no input for a Local Folder.

You might be doing this from your Remote Roon, there you do not get the local folder entry, only network paths. Try it from your Roon core and you should get the local input.

Carl’s screen above is while using Roon on the SERVER

While I’m pretty sure that your screen is from the REMOTE

You can only add a LOCAL folder from the Roon Server

Bingo, thank you!