Cannot Add More Tidal Albums to Library

I have hit 10k favorite albums in TIDAL, which is the maximum allowed in TIDAL’s own apps. So now I cannot add additional TIDAL albums to my library neither in TIDAL nor in Roon.

Whenever I add a TIDAL album to my library in Roon now, it gets auto-removed from my Roon library.

I have found some workarounds, but it would be nice if the Roon library could keep adding TIDAL albums beyond 10k.

Does Tidal allow you to carry more than 10k in favorites?

No, 10k is max in TIDAL. (Adding more yields the error “Cannot have more than 10000 favorites. (400 : 7004)” in the TIDAL app).

Sounds like Roon capturing your favorites is synced/linked with Tidal. Is your work around involve tagging them into a specific folder?

My workaround is using playlists in the TIDAL app (and then adding that playlist to a tag in Roon). But additional albums do not show up in my Roon library so I cannot favorite tracks in them, and I have found no way of keeping track of what albums I have included in playlists beyond the first 10k.

EDIT: And yes, Roon syncs with TIDAL. If you add a TIDAL album to your Roon library, it is favorited in TIDAL. Looks like that link goes both ways: if you cannot favorite the album in TIDAL, Roon does not add it to your library. It would be nice to unlink that last part so I at least can favorite tracks in Roon.

Might be worth contacting Tidal support to see if there is a switch/command to allow for you to store more favorite albums. Pretty rare care to have that many favorites, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the source.

I have been in touch with TIDAL about this. The limit cannot be increased at this time and TIDAL indicated no plans to increase it in the forseeable future.

10k albums is not that high for someone who is really into classical music. The advantage of a streaming service such as TIDAL is that you can listen to many more albums than you might want to purchase. I try to check out all new releases each week, and also look up artists that I become aware of that way. The collection on TIDAL is vast; 10k is a small fraction of their collection.

It would be nice if Roon could track albums beyond the 10k limit on TIDAL. I see no reason why Roon would need to impose the TIDAL limit in the local Roon library, why couldn’t Roon track the albums independently?

Yegads man, now you just need a life extension as well to listen to all of those!

You’re only option may be to delete some of the albums to replace with new - I do wish Roon made it easier to delete Tidal titles.

Hi there! Moving around which albums are favorited would leave me with the same problem. As for workarounds, the one I mentioned above works for me for now.

But this problem means that I can no longer track what playlists an album has been added to, nor can I favorite tracks within albums (or albums).

As far as I can understand, fixing the issue should involve just setting a flag in Roon to not keep trying to add albums as favorites in TIDAL, but just keep them in the Library in Roon. We should be talking a line or two of new code here (setting a flag, testing for it before adding Roon library albums to TIDAL) that would save people in my position quite a lot of manual tracking in the long run.

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