Cannot connect devices to Roon Core on sonicTransporter i9

Roon Core Machine

sonicTransporter i9

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi
ST i9 connected via ethernet to router

Connected Audio Devices

Matrix Audio Element X ethernet and USB connections

Number of Tracks in Library

Not sure. Maybe 3K tracks in personal library.

Description of Issue

MacBook Pro and iPhone no longer connect to Roon Core. All other devices on network seem to be working fine. I can connect to the ST i9 from my Mac Desktop (to view contents of storage drive). I can connect to ST i9 manager via browser. Roon diagnostics log stopped updating as of about 90 minutes ago. I’ve tried rebooting, clearing Roon server cache, updating software. Still no connection.

Problem seems to be resolved.
I went into Roon Server Settings and checked the “Expose Roon Database” box. After that, the controller device (MacBook Pro) was able to find the Roon Core and connect.

For anyone having trouble with Sonicorbiter/Roon… this looks very much like the problem described here

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