Cannot connect Roon Remote (iMac) to RoonServer (Mac mini) [solved]

I have been using Roon for over six months now and am a huge fan. I’m running RoonServer on a dedicated Mac Mini. My iPad connects to the server without problems. As does my wife’s Macbook pro. So far, so good.

However, since a few weeks, my iMac has difficulty connecting as a remote. When I start Roon, I see the message “waiting for remote library”.

The weird thing is: when I restart RoonServer on the mac mini, with the iMac Remote already running, my iMac Remote immediately connects.

It must be a firewall thing, but my OS X firewall is disabled. And I completely uninstalled Norton Security.
I tried uninstalling Roon Remote, completely (also the Roon and RAAT folders in my library). Didn’t solve it.

Can anyone help me?

Well, I just solved it (funny how I fail to solve it for weeks, and within 30 minutes after asking for help, I nailed it :confused:).

I looked at the Roon logs and learned that it tried to connect to an internal network that does not exist.

So I cleaned up my network interfaces. There were entries I did not recognize (thunderbolt? I don’t have a thunderbolt internet interface on my iMac?). Made all inactive. And added a new interface which was missing: ethernet. Why was this missing in the first place? I have no clue.

Anyway, all is well now. :grinning:

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