Cannot connect to Cambridge Audio CXN v2

Cannot connect Roon to my Cambridge Audio CXN v2 which is supposedly Roon Ready.

This is what I found. I didn’t think Cambridge Audio was Roon Ready, unless something has changed recently.

It’s “roon capable” - which in this case I think means it has chromecast built in so you can stream to that.

Cambridge Audio have been quoted several times in this forum as ‘not planning’ to make their products Roon Ready. There are also challenges driving their products from USB, just search the forum.

Thank u both
Not technically gifted and not sure that google casting from my ipad will let me use the roon app to control the digitized music on a hard disk connected to the cambridge cxn v2

The way it would work if you wanted to use roon is that you need a roon server which needs to be a PC, MAC etc. Then you would connect/store your music files on that PC and stream to the Cambridge Audio and control it from your ipad.
Please ask more if you need more help.

Thnx GED
So if my digitized music is on a hard disk, i would keep it connected to my laptop and connect the laptop to the cambridge. Then download roon software to the laptop nd use it as the server? And then i could still use my ipad to access the room software?
Sorry if this seems like a foolish question

No such thing we aren’t born into this world as experts on anything.
Yes that’s right.
In roon you need
A server which has a database called the Library
Music - that can be local or streamed or on a shared device on the network
An end point - where the music plays
A control point - from where you control everything.

Your laptop can be all of these things - I’m typing this on a laptop with headphones plugged in that is also the server.
Or you could use your laptop as the server with the local music, stream music to the CXN over the network and control it either locally from the laptop itself or from the iPad.

Does that make sense?
There is a knowledge base here
and ask any questions you want :slight_smile:

I do not have a Cambridge CXN, but thought about getting one for a while. I think Ged_Hickman is correct when he pointed you to Chromecast. You would have to have the latest firmware/software updates for your Cambridge (I think it has only recently been implemented), hook the CXN up to your home network (via ethernet would be best, but the CXN may also have wireless network capabilities), and then look for a Chromecast endpoint under the ROON Settings, Audio, Networked. Enable the Chromecast and you should be good to go. This is assuming you have a ROON core setup and networked on your PC/Server. That’s my best guess, but I’m sure other community members that may have the Cambridge CXN could give you far better directions.

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