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I am unable to control volume remotely. Even though I have selected ‘Device Volume’ on Audio Setup (see screen shot) the system shows ‘Volume Control Fixed’ when I try to adjust volume from my iphone App.
I used to be able to control volume from the App.
Any suggestions appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @Clive_Pinder,

My apologies for your post having fallen through the cracks here.

Unfortunately, the response will be anti-climactic.

Here is my understanding of why:

The Chord Mojo does not expose its volume controls to Roon via USB which is a known limitation of the device. This means fixed mode is the only option.

The puzzling part is the part where you mentioned it worked before. How has the configuration changed if at all since then?


Thanks Wes, appreciate you getting back to me. I was able to resolve it. Under ‘Device Setup’ select Device Volume under Volume Control and turn Volume Leveling under Zone Settings Off.

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That’s great to hear. Enjoy the music.


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