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I’ve had this problem since I started with Roon and tried various fixes that have not changed the problem. When I go to look for music by Composer, Roon does not display all the albums with that composer. This is most obvious with Bach and Beethoven.

I have 37 Beethoven only albums, but I can get Roon to display only 9. I’ve tried forcing Roon to show them by using Mp3Tag and changing all the relevant tags to Beethoven for all 37 albums.

Still only 9 albums show when I go into Artist> Beethoven, or Composer> Beethoven, or when I click on the linked Linked Beethoven in an album view.

Also I have tried removing albums from the library then cleaning up library, restarting Roon and re-adding them with updated metadata. This doesn’t do anything either.

How can I fix this? When I want to play a classical piece, I don’t generally think of performers, but composers, and indeed don’t know the performers of most pieces.

Generally, the metadata that Roon uses is often not complete in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily recognize a track that has a composer tag as an actual composition. There seems to be no way to force Roon to identify a track as a composition if this info is not coming from the metadata provider. Adding a composer file tag to such a track does not help, I tried. This is more frequent if the artist or album is less well known.

Check the track info by clicking a track’s three-dot menu. Tracks that are recognized as a proper composition have a menu entry to go to the composition. Other tracks don’t, and adding a composer to the file tag or in Roon does not change that.

Highly annoying. See here:

if you are a Qobuz or TIDAL subscriber, you MAY be able to cajole Roon into recognizing a composition.

Go to your Composer’s page, click Compositions, find the work you are interested in, click that, then select a performance not presently in your library, then add that album to your library.

The addition of one confirmed performance will cause you unrecognized performance to be recognized. You may have to click out and back to the album before the recognition takes place.

Clear as mud. Anyway, HTH.

Depends. I have Qobuz and Tidal. My main problem currently is the discography of Giant Sand, Howe Gelb, and side projects, who have release 50+ albums in 30 years and have re-recorded many songs several times, plus live stuff. I have all albums by them in my library.

Many of these tracks are correctly recognized as compositions and shown in the composition browser. However, other recordings of the same songs are not. They do have composer credits but they don’t have a Go to Composition menu entry in the track’s three-dot menu. On some albums, some songs are compositions and others are not.

There is nothing I have found that can make the latter a composition (though my guess is that it would help if they were marked as a composition at the metadata provider). I have a tag to track them …

I’ve found a work around that seems to fix about 90% of albums. Ludwig van Beethoven can only be listed as composer, not as artist or album artist in the embedded tags. When I remove Beethoven from those tags and put the performer in the place, the album will show up when I select Beethoven from either the composer or artist search. This really seems counter-intuitive. And it messes the view when I select the top level Classical Genre and look at albums, as they are all listed by performer, which really means nothing to me when looking at albums.

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