Cannot do scheduled backup

Roon Core Machine Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter CDR

Sonic Transporter CDR

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys Router and Switch

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet connections via cat 8 supr cables
My System

Runing Roon on Fiber broadband into
SMALL GREEN COMPUTER SONIC TRANSPORTER i5 CDR To Linksys MAx_Stream AC2600 router Out TO Linksys Switch SE2800-np THEN using a Pink Faun Lan ISolator To Pink Faun Lan isolator VIA SUPRA cable to

Lumin U1 mini Via AES/ EBUto Denafrips Hermes DDC out via i2s into Denafrips Terminator ladder DAC, BALANCED into Denafrips ATHENA PRE AMPLIFIER out VIa Balanced to Denafrips Apollo TRUE BALANCED Differential Class AB amplifier
into Apertura Armonia Evolution Speakers having
ISO ACOUSTICS GAIA + Herbies Little flat glider
WITH REL T/9i Subwoofer
power via Isolated, Dedicated House power line, into REGEN AG1500s. from FOR Lumin, DENAFRIPS HERMES, TERMINATOR, and ATHENA Pre Amp.
Power:: 12V= Audiophonics PSU-HC Regulated Linear Power Supply 12V 5 A For CDR SERVER
Using QED XT10 Mains cable for Denafrips Apollo Amplifier

CABLES:: Ethernet Supra CAT8
ELECAUDio JDC Connecting 12Vpower cable for Sonic TransporerCDR.
DH LAbs Soinc Silver AES/EBU
DH LABS Sonic SILVER HDMI FOR i2S connection
Speaker Cables QED Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire SILVER on copper twisted Speaker Cable
SUB, DAC, PRE and AMP on IsoAcoustics PUCKs

Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkII and Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip.

Number of Tracks in Library

39504 TRACKS

39504 tracks

Description of Issue

When I try to backup in Scheduled backup it simply tells me “Backup Directory not available” but I have done a backup to my dropbox
I have screenshots.
When I try to" Backup Now" it askes me to select a location then crashes !!!
SO I go to my scheduled backups and try to force backup and then it just shows Backup directory not Available*
Please resolve this problem

Sorry for the delay - the Support team have a long queue of issues to address following the release of Roon 2.0.

Is your issue still present? If so, you mentioned that you have screenshots, please post them to provide more information to the Support team. Thanks.

Yes my issue is still there, I can do a backup on my Dropbox and the manufacturer says that is ok I have a Small green computer Sonic Transport CDR Roon core.
So it will not backup to that machine but will backup to my Dropbox and is doing that on a scheduled basis

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