Cannot downgrade to Roon Remote 1.8 Build 1105

Roon Core Machine

MacMini (2011), MacOS 10.13.6 „High Sierra“

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi, Roon Remote on iPad 6

Description of Issue

Following your email announcement of Roon 2.0, I first upgraded the Roon Remote app on the iPad to version 2.0. When I then tried to connect to my Roon Server, the information came that my old Mac Mini (which is running the Roon Server Software just fine) is not compatible with Roon 2.0. I then first was happy to find the “Roon 1.8 Legacy”-software in the app-store, hoping to restore the original functionality. Unfortunately to no avail: the 1.8 legacy software also can not connect to the Roon Core, see screenshot of the error message.

How can I reinstall Roon Remote 1.8 Build 1105, to restore the functionality with my Roon core?

Thanks in advance

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I eventually could restore functionality using the instructions in the Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ. I would have appreciated a warning about potential compatibility issues in the anouncement of Roon 2.0.

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I have the same issue but even after following the instructions in Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ, I still cannot connect the roon remote to the core. Is there anything you did in addition to the migration FAQ which made it work for you?

It needed two steps to downgrade to 1.8 and restore functionality:

First I downloaded the Roon Server 1.8 Legacy software and installed it on my old MacMini which still is perfectly capable to do the job.

Second I downloaded the Roon 1.8 Legacy software both for my newer Mac as well as for my iOS-devices.

Restarting the server, the Roon Apps then could find and connect to the Server. The build number is no longer 1105 but 1126, and it says “production1x”. Hope this helps - there’s nothing else that I did.

Hi Markus, can help to me I have two Mac that can not support Roon 2.0. The my last version is 1.8 (build 1105), but now my remote Ipad and Android Mobile are with new 2.0 Version, and not usable with my MAC. Can explain to me step by step to return my remote control to version 1.8(build 1105)…Thanks.
I’m not pratic with this change!!!..And Roon is Merda!!!

Reboot your computers. It helped me and others. After reboot update installation worked.

Hi Valentino

On your iPad and your Android, you need to intall the Roon 1.8 Legacy app. You can find these following these links to the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store. You also need to update your server to the 1.8 legacy version, depending on your hardware you can find the links in the Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ. You need to do both steps for the software to be functional again.

Yes my remote has now the 1.8 Legancy. Now they difficulty is work on my Mac.

I believe that for the respect of all users who have the Roon Core with version 1.8(build1105), to have version 1.8(build 1126) installed directly, to interface Andoid and/IOS remotes, with version 1.8 Legancy.
Not everyone knows how to fiddle with Computers.

Hi Valentino, it appears that you use a Mac as your Roon Server? To install the new server software, you need to download the MacOS RoonServer software: this puts a file called “RoonServerLegacy.dmg” in your download directory. Double-click this file, and this window will appear:

On this window, drag the Roon-Icon onto the Applications-folder. Most likely, this will tell you that you already have a file by that name (which is the old version): click on the field to replace the existing file. You then may want to reboot your system and then start the Roon Server - I hope this will do the trick for you.

Many thanks for these instructions. I installed Roon Remote (Legacy) on all of my iOS devices, and then installed it on my Windows PC core. To avoid confusion, I deleted the other version of Roon off of my iPads. Several of those had upgraded to 2.0 even though I tried to prevent it.

For the benefit of anyone else, the advantage of installing Roon 1.8 and Roon Remote (Legacy) on all devices is that it eliminates the endless messages to upgrade, and the attempts by IOS devices to do so.

How do I install Roon server 1.8 build 1126?

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