Cannot easily edit poor track labeling - EDITING ISSUE

ROG STRIX X570-E custom PC with Windows 10


Hard wired with Auralic G1 bridge*

I could edit the album track by track but that should not be necessary.

The two screen shots show what is displayed and the “Identify Album” shows what labeling of the tracks should occur, but does not. I cannot see where I;m missing the setting required to invoke that correct track labeling.

In the second image, the correct tracks for album 1 of 2 are on the left; you need to match them or accept as is and save. If the track listing is incorrect, look at the second album found.

As your example seems to contain multi-part compositions, you have to edit the album preference for multi-part compositions to “Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album” for Roon to show you the track titles instead of the Work/Part names.

See also: File Tag Best Practice - Tagging Multi-Part Works

Got it thanks - easy when you know how :slight_smile:

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