Cannot find media after a computer crash?[Answered]

I have a couple of questions about the best way to handle my current ROON Situation.

My ROON Core is on a MacBook Pro (2011 running El Capitan 10.11.6 ) The Macbook crashed the other day, would not even boot. I needed the help of the local Mac Gurus to get it to come back on.

Since the crash ROON has been acting strangely, not finding certain songs/artists and showing some as Unavailable. Now it says that is cannot find my ROON Database.

Knowing that I wanted to go with a different machine for ROON Core soon I ordered a Small Green Computer SONICTRANSPORTER I5. The SFC will be delivered next Tuesday.

I figured I might just reinstall ROON but am not sure what files are necessary and which I should delete. This is what I see when I search ROON on the computer.

My questions are:

  1.   Should I do anything to try to find my data or rebuild my database now or wait until I get the new machine and let it rebuild ?
  2.   What is the process to change the ROON core from the old laptop to the SONICTRANSPORTER?

These are the ROON files I see on this computer.


Hi David,
this depends a little bit if you are loosing anything if you just let Roon rebuild your database. Your previous database had additional information about the date, when music had been added, or your playlists, Tags, play counts…
If you don’t care about it, rebuilding should be very easy, but it will take time to scan your music collection again.

If you’d like to keep everything (and assuming your previous database and backups are still ok), there are 2 options:
It seems you set up backups in Roon (at least the screenshot suggested you did). So you can restore the latest backup (also very easy to do) to your new core.
The location of your backups was set by you, so you should know where you saved them. Copy the backup folder to a media, that can be connected to and read by (filesystem!) your new core.
In the setup process of your new RoonServer you can select to restore and specify the location of your backups.
When this process is done, you probably need to adjust the storage locations of your audio files.
just go to the settings -> Storage and click the Edit button (under the 3 dot icon next to the storage entry).

If all of the files in your screenshot above were on the same harddisk, I’d recommend to setup your backups on a different drive in future to not loose your database if your hdd has a malfunction and no data can be recovered…

Update: On macOS the relevant folder are stored in the user’s library folder. This folder is normally hidden in the Finder, but can be accessed in the Finder by hitting cmd+shift+g in your home directory.
Copying it over to your new machine should also work.
You can find information, where Roon stores its database on different operating systems here.

Thank you, Christopher,