Cannot Find Roon Core on the Innuos Zen Mk.3

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Machine: Innuos Zen Mk.3 Music Server Software version v2.0.10. Roon Build: RoonServer v1.8 (build 923).
Roon Remotes: Three Remotes: iPad Air 2 (v15.4.1), iPhone 11 (v15.4.1), and a Windows PC (Windows 11, v10.0.22000 build 22000).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

This is a plain vanilla home network that uses an Arris SVG2482AC Surfboard router. The Innuos server is connected via ethernet cable. The Windows PC remote is connected to the same router using an ethernet cable. The iPad and iPhone are connected via my home network wireless connection. Roon cannot find the Core from any of these devices.
The Windows PC has Norton anti-virus protection. The VPN is turned off (rarely use).

Connected Audio Devices

  1. The Innuos is connected via USB to a Marantz SA-10 SACD player, controlled with the Roon remote via the iPad or iPhone.
  2. I sometimes use the iPad or the iPhone or the Windows PC as an audio player, controlled with the Roon remote on the device that is being used to play music at the time.

Number of Tracks in Library

All files are locally stored on the Innuos Zen Mk.3 Music Server.

975 Albums; 2428 Artists; 12496 Tracks

No streaming services are used.

Description of Issue

I have been using the Innuos Zen Mk.3 Music Server (a Roon Ready device) as the Roon Core for nearly a year without any problems. Suddenly, around April 14th, I opened the Roon app on my iPad and Roon could not find the Core. I tried my iPhone and Windows PC, but had the same scenario.
This occurs every time I try to bring up Roon on any of my remote devices.

I have been in communication with Innuos support. Through their direction, I successfully reconfigured the server settings to use the native Innuos Sense app and can successfully connect the Innuos to my USB DAC and play music using the Innuos Sense app on my iPad and iPhone 11 as the remote controller.
After using the Innuos native software to successfully play music through my USB DAC, I set the server configuration back to Roon (e.g., “Use Roon as your local library” = “on”), selected “Roon Core”, applied the changes and restarted the Innuos server. Same problem as before, Roon cannot find the Core. I have downloaded a fresh executable of the Roon app on my PC, but this did not help. I also provided the IP address of the Innuos to Roon to scan for the Core. This was not successful either.

The router and all devices have been restarted.

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Quick thought here…

Are all of your Roon remotes and the Roon Core on the same build?
Latest is build 931.

The Core is build 923. I can’t get to any screen on the remotes to learn their build. I only see the ‘waiting for remote core…’ screen or the Choose your Roon Core screen depending on the remote app.

I wonder then if it’s possible they all updated to the latest b931.
Can you check in your update history on any of the devices and see if there was a recent Roon Remote update.

Just contact Innuos support again and request remote login support. They can log in and sort out.

I think that is where this is headed. I pulled the build number for the Core from the Roon logs on the Innuos, but without the ability to connect to the Core from any remote device, I can’t get past the ‘looking for Roon Core…’ screen on the remote apps and thus can’t determine the build number for any of them.

On the ipad if you go to
Settings, General, iPad Storage
It will list the version numbers of all installed applications

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ahhhhh, thank you. build 931 on both my iPhone and iPad. The Core is 923. I’ll talk to Innuos to see if they can push an update to the Roon Core on the Zen.

Just as I suspected, hopefully Innuos can get the Core up to build 931 to match.

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Yes, I just sent an email to them about it. Thank you all for your assistance so far. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated!


Closing the loop. I was contacted by Innuos Support with the message that it seems that some of the recent/latest Roon updates may be triggering some issues for some customers.

This may be a case of a corrupted Roon database. To resolve, I needed to clear the current Roon database by going to innuOS dashboard > SERVER > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > Roon > TROUBLESHOOTING > CLEAR ROON DATABASE.

This does not delete any of the Album folder/files stored on the server. Was then able to find and connect to the ZEN’s Roon Core server.

I did need to reconfigure Roon and restore it from a recent existing Roon backup, but I am back up and running and didn’t lose a thing.

Excellent news!
Enjoy the music!

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