Cannot find Roon Server (NAD/ BlueNode)

Hi everyone

I cannot make Roon because I cannot connect to Roon Server (or that is what I think is happening).

NAD C658 Streamer with BlueOS, latest Firmware/ OS
Latest Roon build installed on my MacBook Air 2023 and iPhone 12 Pro
All devices connected to the same Wifi

My understanding is that no further configuration is required on the NAD and I should be able to connect to it as a Roon Server out-of-the-box, from my MacBook or iPhone.

What I get is an infinite loop “looking for your Roon server”

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Your Roon Server should have been installed on your MacBook - it’s not on the NAD (which cannot act as a Roon Server - it is a Roon endpoint).

Check to see if the Roon Server app has been installed on your MacBook (in addition to the Roon app - which is now just the Roon User Interface and Control component), and start it running.

Thank you Geoff. Problem solved :wink:

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