Cannot get 192/24 to my Dragonfly RED via iPad Pro

playing Qobuz 192/24 to iPad Pro and lightning-adapter to Dragonfly RED
I cannot get 192/24

Do i have a false setting? - I cannot find the error

I would imagine it’s because the Dragonfly doesn’t support 24/192.

  • DragonFly Black and Red - Status/Sample rates supported (LED indicator color code): Standby (Red), 44.1kHz (Green), 48kHz (Blue), 88.2kHz (Amber), 96kHz (Magenta), MQA (Purple)
  • DragonFly Cobalt - Status/Sample rates supported (LED indicator color code): Standby (Red), 44.1kHz (Green), 48kHz (Blue), 88.2kHz (Yellow), 96kHz (Light Blue), MQA (Purple)
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You are right - i am a fool - sorry
I read so much of 192/24 with dragonfly that i really thought it can play 192/24.

It can “only” 96/24

Thank you for helping me therefore.

I now plugged in an E1DA 9038D

And it is working fine with 192/24

I am really sorry and it was my mistake to believe dragonfly can do 192.

Don’t be – we’ve all been there. You’ve come to the right place for help. :smiley:

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It can go higher if using MQA source I have had it rendering at 384/24 out for standard PCM it’s 96/24. The DAC itself is not the limitation it’s the USB side they have limited so it’s USB1 compliant and will work without any device drivers across all platforms.

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Is there some setting I need to change to get it to do that? My Dragonfly Red tops out at 24/96 whether it’s MQA or not.

I may have been mistaken and it’s just the Cobalt that can, my bad. I had both of them so got them mixed up, sorry! But you can’t tell from iOS as it doesn’t feed back what the DAC is doing so you only see the mqq core decoder. You get the orfs renderer feedback on other devices. Try it on a laptop and see

Are you sure the Cobalt can? This is from the Stereophile review of the Cobalt and they think it tops out at 24/96.

“ Like the DragonFly Red and Black, the Cobalt is limited to decoding data with a sample rate of 96kHz or lower. ”

Yes 100% sure from what I could see at the time don’t have the DACs or Tidal anymore or I would show you. I even posted it on here somewhere. As I said it’s not the DAC chip on the Cobalt as that’s capable of 384/24 they limited the USB implementation for comparability reasons. MQA is 96/24 max before it hits the USB bus so it will always pass through and the DAC can then go and unfold to its highest. Roons output showed me the orfs render rate at 384/24 for tracks which were that high MQA masters. But as MQA is just one colour for all resolutions on the Dragonflies it’s still a mystery. I never know what the correct render rate is for MQA even it shows it as there seems to be conflictive views on this and I can’t get a definite answer.

Here is an image from another users Cobalt as you can see this has the ORFS render at 192/24, something you don’t see on iOS.

ORFS display is simply the result of a tag, not the resolution the DAC is outputting. The maximum rate of the Cobalt is 24/96 and even MQA can’t change that.