Cannot get artwork from file to be used for music that is not part of an album, with a very few exceptions

Roon Core Machine

PC running Windows 11. Intel Core i9. 64GB RAM. Samsung 970 EVO SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Networking is not the issue

Connected Audio Devices

Speakers attached to PC audio card

Number of Tracks in Library

2,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Having imported my albums and miscellaneous tracks from my PC, and set the system settings to prefer file artwork for all my music, the majority of the individual tracks which are not part of an album are not using the file artwork from the track it belongs to. They all have the same artwork (picture of Ritchie Valens from one of my files) and I haven’t found anything I can do to change it.

However, it seems a (very) small number of the tracks are showing the correct artwork, but I cannot work out what’s different about those files. All the albums appear correct.

Any help would be much appreciated before I cancel my trial period.

Hey @Gillian_Wood,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and for giving Roon a try! Sorry for the delay in getting to your thread, I appreciate your patience.

Following up on this, it could be a situation where there was a mistake in the metadata when Roon was importing the tracks. Have you read through this short help article on making edits to cover art?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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