Cannot get Roon running

For a library that large you probably need something bigger with better cooling, at least for the analysis stage. Or allow your NUC to do the analysis in stages.

@Ben_Katz - You can try setting it to Off while the library imports and then set it to Throttled so that Analysis doesn’t max out your Core resources.

I will turn it off tomorrow and if it is stable I will turn it on. Im confused by what you said. If I turn it off it continues to import? I thought thats what I was turning off

I want to say I appreciate everyone here trying to get me up and running. I am excited to see what Roon has to offer. I’m close to $1,000.00 in which is motivation enough for me to get it working.

At least two things happen when you import the library. The metadata associated with the music file is being read and the available information goes to build the database. That is ‘importing’. At the same time, the music stream itself is analyzed to give you the visual waveforms you see when you play music (other info is also derived). This is the audio analysis. You can turn off audio analysis and the music will still be imported. You don’t lose much in turning audio analysis off at this stage. The audio analysis can be pretty CPU intensive.

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Ok i understand. I will shut that off and see what happens. I will report back tomorrow.

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Ok. Went back to the server. I unplugged the media so no files were attached to the server. It took a bit for the remote to come up but it finally did. I tried to navigate to the settings to move the toggles to “off” from “throttled” but before I could it went back to searching for the roon core.

I have asked earlier in the thread but ill ask again. I purchased this machine based on the recommendations from Roon. It should have enough power to get this done, correct? @grossmsj @Henry_McLeod @Rugby @

When it is up and running where are the files stored? You mention a 1tb disk on the core but not what you are using to store the world’s music collection :slight_smile:

There is a 256GB SSD which has the Roon Rock software on it only. There is an empty 1TB HDD internal all in the NUC itself. There were 2 8TB external drives, thats as far as I got, connected via USB3 which have music on them. It’s worth noting that when i only had 277K tracks loaded it was working. @ged_hickman1

And are you just connecting to a single music directory on each USB drive not many connections to various directories?

The way I have it is a music directory and then sub directories of a,b,c,d etc. @ged_hickman1

I know I can’t answer that definitively. I don’t work for Roon, and I’m not a ‘computer guy’.
I will say that is one of the largest libraries I’ve read about. Almost certainly in the top 1%, so based on what I know you are out on the edges what is known viz. library size and Roon performance.
There is this thread that discusses the challenges of these huge libraries. My takeaway was that it’s not an easy task to handle something that large. Doesn’t mean it can’t work, but all the little stuff seems to matter a lot.

I understand thats why I went with the ROON specs. Re: your last post do the subfolders matter?

It seems like the folks replying to me are users. I am so grateful for that support. How do get some tech help from ROON?

@noris is the Technical person from Roon. I’m sure he’ll stay in touch with you on this.

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Thanks Scott.

Hi @Ben_Katz,

Your library is quite large, it’s right on the edge of what should work, as Scott mentioned, you are in the minority of users who are getting close to the limits of Roon.

We are always looking into performance optimizations for RoonOS, so this may change in the future, but for now I would suggest using under 250k-300k tracks for this NUC, which seemed to be the breaking point as per your previous message:

Thanks Norris for coming to the party. Using ROON for only 250K tracks is not useful to me. Its not how I listen. I would like to have a conversation to see what I need to do to get this to work. As I said in the thread I am highly motivated to have this work as is evidenced by me spending $1000 before getting to enjoy it. I cannot be the only person with more than 250K tracks and I have purchased what ROON directed to handle the bigger libraries… @noris

I think you are definitely pushing it trying to use an i7 NUC with the size of your library. Even Brian Luczkiewicz (Roon’s CTO) seems to imply this in his post on hardware requirements for a good user experience:

If you’ve got a 4k monitor and 20,000 albums, look for a big scary Core i7 with plenty of ram, an SSD, and discrete graphics.

The advice from Roon Labs for very large libraries seems to be to go for a workstation PC build running Windows…

Edit: If you want to keep to the NUC form factor, then perhaps a model from the new (slightly larger, and certainly more powerful) Intel NUC 9 Pro range would be suitable?

Where or from whom was this advice you keep referring to?