Cannot group Sonos output devices zones with others zones on playback ROON 1.8 783

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel Core i5 2400S CPU @ 2.5GHz
WIN Home Ver 20H2
O/S Build 19042.870

Roon 1.8 ver 783 64bit

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonos Connect, Sonos Ikea Speakers, Brooklyn Bridge & Mac

Description Of Issue

I cannot group playback with my sonos devices with my Brooklyn bridge or mac. This is on all remotes , ipad, iphone, mac, and PC core.

In essence when i click on one of the sonos devices and play and click teh icon to group the only available devices to group are sonos devices. Similarly when I click on lets say my Brooklyn bridge as playback and then go to group ones the only available zone to group to in the list is my mac . No Sonos devices to be found.

Adam that’s not a bug, but is by design.

You can only group zones of the same protocol type.
So Sonos to Sonos, Airplay to Airplay and RAAT with RAAT. So you can group all the Sonos Devices together, but not add anything non Sonos.

Not the answer you want, but better to know what works.


Thanks brother. Yes better to know doesn’t make sense should enable to steam to anything just by linking playlist and play times. Will post as a feature enhancement

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It’s just not possible to have all the different protocols sync as they all work in very different ways and have very different clocking mechanisms to keep them in sync. You wont find any product that can do this, not something Roon can or will add as a feature request. If it could be done well and cost effectively it would have been done already. They would be a out of sync very quickly doing the method you suggest.

I guess I don’t get the details of why. Not that It isn’t so. Logically Would stand to reason that the system plays the same somg started at the same time that they would finish at the same time. Not nessisaraly the same stream buye starting song at same time. I understand different protocols. I’m not saying use the sinks speakers as the back channel on the front of a non Sonia system. But in another room if the music stares at the same time would be close enough so that when having a party upstairs
Would be listening to the same music as down stairs as an example.

Crystal - see you have a Bluetooth speaker how do you address that with a core? Is It goi f through some wifi to Bluetooth converter? Thanks for any ideas

This would be true if you were transferring files around. Push the whole file and sync start times. But streaming is not pushing files around. It’s pushing chunks of data around and each protocol has its own way of identifying when more data is needed, if the endpoint is playing too fast / too slow, if network latency requires one endpoint needs data faster / slower. It’s a bit complicated. If you’re playing to two zones you cannot hear together it may not matter. A lot of people use it to sync systems that do overlap; that is you can hear both systems from one location. Some people can hear if its off by 50ms, some it takes 300ms, but being off by anything… causes the thing to basically be unusable for a lot of people. When syncing zones, timing is everything and that requires like algorithms to stay in sync.

Can you enable Airplay on Sonos? I used to enable Airplay across a few devices and group them as Airplay but used RAAT / Sonos when playing individually. You can enable multiple protocols on the same endpoint for this reason.

As far as BT it will always be “off”. Roon can only sync to the endpoint not all the way to the BT speaker. There are some forced delay settings you can tweak to try and get it close but BT is always an issue.

Thanks that was very informative. I understand now. I guess my miss understanding is around the idea that I can play the same playlist let’s say on all sins at the same time. So if there was a digits control that started them or a song at the same time even though they were not actually streaming together they would start and stop at the same time. I didn’t realize that the speed of play could be off that much for one end poi t to the other based on protocols and network issues etc. didn’t make sense.

As for the airplay that won’t help
Me sync the main systems brooklyn bridge with all the other rooms. I’d have to put raspberry pi in every room or older Android or macs there to drive . Nuff of that

I don’t use Bluetooth with Roon. The Pure S3 has a Chromecast plugged into it. The other Link 20 is Chromecat enabled, Roon send via Chromecast to both. But you can use Bluetooth speakers as zones but they need to be connected your core directly or via another pc running Roon bridge.

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