Cannot identify album (blank window) on Windows 10 or Android device

Roon Core Machine

QNAP 670 Pro (i7, 16 GB RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

LAN → Netgear unmanagement Switches

Connected Audio Devices

  • Multiple RPIs with Ropiee or PiCorePlayer
  • Rock as endpoint
  • SOtM Neo
  • Lumin T2
  • Windows 10 with RoonBridge
  • A&K SP2000

Library Size

110632 own tracks , Qobuz

Description of Issue

For some albums, I’m not able to identify them:

Now identify clicked:


Now I’ve set the abum name to “Four seasons” and then I can scoll to the right album (Daniel Gaede - Tacet’s Four Seaons):

But: If I click into the wished album (I can try also any other result), then I’ll get an empty frame:

So I can never get this album identified!

The posted issue ocurs under Windows 10.
Now I’ve tried the procedure on an Android tablet and there I can manually identify the album.
If I try it automatical (without setting the album title), I’ll get a message, that I’ll not have a internet connection (which is not true).

But open again the windows client, the album will shown as not identified:

Now I’ve tried it a second time on the android device and now the behaviour is the same, like on the windows client → not be able to identify the album!

Any support here?

Hello @Burkhardt_Petermann,

I’m sorry we’ve missed on your post for too long :pensive:. We’d love to take this to our QA team. Would you mind:

  • listing the steps you take in order
  • sharing details about your Core device and Android device (which ones they are exactly)

Thanks in advance :pray:

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