Cannot log into Tidal through the Roon interface

Hello team, currently facing a lot of issues related to getting Roon and the NUC to communicate properly. Currently my issue is mostly related to Tidal as I attempt to log into my Tidal account.

I go into the services setting and attempt to connect to my tidal account, write my e-mail and password and press the login button. The Little box indicating that Tidal is attempting to log me in appears along with the spinning little logo.

This is where I run into the problem of not being able to log into Tidal, as it continually attempts to log in with little success and no error message saying my attempt has failed appears. It will continue spinning indefinitively till I cancel the attempt.

Previously it would tell me that I had to check my internet Connection (Ethernet Cable) but deleting the cache on my ROCK core made that message go away. I’ve checked Tidal’s server status and it has had no downtime as of late and im on the verge of giving in. Please, @support you are my only hope…

Hi, @Mats_Frennvall, sorry to hear about your troubles. May I ask you a few question to get a better understanding of what it causing troubles?

  1. Am I right, that your Roon remotes lose connection to your Core (NUC) from time to time?
  2. May I kindly ask you to describe your network topology ( Networking details – especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured.) ?



Will get back to you soon Ivan! But it will take a week from now at least. Im going on a vacation.

Best regards. Mats

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