Cannot login to Tidal anymore

Win 2012R2 + AudioPhil optimizer
Roon v 1.7

Today, after updating Roon to v 1.7, I cannot access anymore Tidal. I get the pink error message from Roon and when I try to edit configuration and then login to Tidal, I get the following error message from Tidal’s portal: “Your OAuth2 client configuration is not correct. Please check with TIDAL Partner Support”.

Can you please help?

Have you re booted the Roon Core. This often solves this.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I’ve rebooted multiple times to no success. I’ve also reversed Audiophil optimisations to no success.

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Thank you, but this is not exactly my problem. I do not get the same error message as you, and I can’t log in.

@support May be needed here

Hi @Simone_Vigano,

What remote device are you using to log in to TIDAL? Can you confirm that it is fully up to date?

What browser are you using on that remote?

I’m accessing Roon via an iPad, but I’ve tried as well to access Roon directly via the computer on which it’s running.
iPad OS is version 13.3.1. I can’t login to Tidal when I click on the link via the iPad.
On the server, I have Internet Explorer. I have not updated it, however, I’ve never logged off TIDAL either.

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