Cannot login to TIDAL - "Bad username or password"

I just had something similar happen when I changed my password for Tidal - I changed my password because I just got a new AK Kann Cube and was eager to use it outside home. I knew I would then have to put the news password into Roon- but I put it in and I get ‘Bad username or password’ - despite the fact I put the exact same info on my phone minutes earlier. What do I do to fix this?

Hi @Robert_Gries1,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so that I can better assist you. Can you please confirm the following:

  1. Is there any change if you reboot your Core and networking gear?
  2. Are you using any VPNs in this setup?
  3. Does the same login information work on the TIDAL web browser (
  4. What kind of Core are you using?

My core is a innuos Zenith MkII SE. I have not turned it off and on yet but will try when I get home.

There is no VPN.

The same login works when I use use google chrome to connect to tidal on the Microsoft surface studio.

The same login and password work on my iPhone but not on my Microsoft Surface studio but not when I use Roon

I am happy to report that turning the server off and then on again did the trick. Thank you so much!


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