Cannot map a backup for my Nucleus Plus to my iMac running OS Catalina

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus Plus

D-Link Router - all kit connected by ethernet

Meridian equipment - pre amp and 8000SE speakers

Description Of Issue

I have just bought a Nucleus Plus - it is connected to my network and to my iMac (which was already running Catalina).

I managed to get the Nucleus Plus to work with Tidal and my Meridian equipment but it couldn’t access music files stored on my iMac and nor can I map a backup location on my iMac for the Nucleus Plus.

I have managed now to map a network music folder (internal SSD in the Nucleus Plus) by using the IP address of the Nucleus Plus but I can’t map a location for a backup of the Nucleus Plus to my iMac.

Hi @Andrew_Neaves,

Can you share a screenshot of the path you’re entering in for the backup along with the error you’re receiving?

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