Cannot open Roon application on any device

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Core: Nucleus
Remotes: iPad and MacBook Pro

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DCS Network Bridge–> Luxman DA06 DAC

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New to the forum. Hope that I can get some help, thanks in advance.

Out of the “blue” today, can not utilize Roon app from any device, when app opened screen goes black then purple small message opens software update available for 1/4 second then goes black again.

Not able to use Roon to stream anything, am able to stream Tidal utilizing Network Bridge Mosaic app.

I’ve moved your post to the #support category, which will be a better place to get help than the #roon category which is for discussions of Roon.

Also, can you verify what version of Roon is running on your Nucleus and what version(s) are on your iPad and MBPro?

Hey @richard_birnbaum,

Ben here with support checking in on this thread. You have my apologies for the delay!

Are you still running into issues with your Remotes crashing on startup? Can you confirm each remote is up to date on the newest Roon build?

I’ll be on the lookout for your reply. :+1:

Thank you. I reinstalled software and app several times and now working though some problems now searching content stored on nucleus. I can eventually find most “albums” but not using search function.

2.0 1223 build for Mac, 2.0 1219 for iPad, both are listed as most current.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out and the help. Nucleus latest software 2.0 build 1223, Roon Tablet (iPad) 2.0 1219 build not sure if latest, did not see update for this.

Here is what is going on. These problems all started about a week ago.

Current state:

When I open Roon using the iPad the screen goes black for about 5 to 6seconds then the normal screen appears.

Many of the album art is now missing, blank (grey) album cover picture.

Problem with using search function- many albums in my collection are not found.

I can find these albums when I use the menu, and select albums from my library and scroll down the alphabetical list. From what I can tell I am not missing any albums searching this way but not sure.

Help appreciated. I have adopted Roon pretty early on and based on my recommendations have gotten many friends also to use Roon and some have also purchased nucleus devices.

Kind regards,


@richard_birnbaum, B1219 is the current version of iOS/iPadOS. What version of OS is your iPad running, 16.3.1? Sometimes the iPad remote may take a few seconds to connect to the Core and display its functionality. Have you rebooted your Nucleus lately? Sometimes that helps correct the missing artwork issue you are experiencing.

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IPadOS is 15.7.3 and that this is the latest (says iPadOS is up to date).



Hi again,

More pressing need than the album art. Any idea why I can not find many albums in my library when I use the search function? Solution appreciated.



Local albums or streaming? What album / artist names are you searching for, what is the search string you use, and what is the result you get? Screenshots would help

Local albums-on the nucleus. Also noted another phenomenon, when adding albums from streaming sources, eg TIDAL, after selecting + to add, get continuous spinning circle like data is getting downloaded, still have spinning circle running when I am using Roon. Not sure if this is and issue. Albums seem to get downloaded to library less the cover art. Thanks for the help. And the nucleus has been rebooted if that matters.

When you add an album, depending on how, you might still be looking at the old page which is directed to non-library album. Try going to another screen, say the albums screen and then clicking on the album there. It should not have a circle and should indicate it is in the library (no + sign).

Hi again,
In this screenshot, if you look carefully you can see a portion of the spinning purple circle/downloading icon at the top center. This is an album in my library downloaded from Tidal that I am currently playing. Anytime I am using Roon, the download circle is spinning even though I am not actively downloading/adding any material, albums, etc. Again, download circle is spinning anytime I am using Roon, whenever Roon app is open, even when home is selected.

Can you supply some details about your network hardware and setup? That “Metadata improver” message is usually a sign that there is a network issue that needs to be resolved. Thanks.

I had the same issue this morning. When I started Roon up I have a similar dialog

@richard_birnbaum Which iPad do you have? the latest version of iPadOS is 16.3.1 if you have an iPad than can run it?
Your issue maybe that the iPadOS version you are running will not run the latest version of Roon?
Check in iPad, Settings whilst it will say you are up to date there maybe a separate link to update the iPadOS to 16.3.1?

I can open and play my local music. Now it’s just the network search that doesn’t work.

It is not helpful if you continually add comments about issues that you experience to completely unrelated threads. Please do open your own topic(s) in #support (or post in existing threads but only if your issue is really the same or very similar)

I apologize. My issue was unrelated.

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