Cannot play DSD Files through Bryston BDA3


I cannot play DSD files through my Bryston BDA3. I have to set Roon Labs to “Convert to PCM” so it will play the file. Any ideas? I am using USB.



Problem solved!! With the audio output set to 100%, DSD files will play. Any other output volume setting will not allow DSD files to play for whatever reason.


DSD uses a protocol that stores the 1 bit audio information of DSD in a file that, to the computer, looks like a 'normal PCM file", i.e. 16 or 24 bit. When that file arrives in the DAC, it is recognised as being a ‘DSD over PCM’ file and thus holding 1 bit info in stead of 16 or 24 bit. Whenever the computer or player changes even the slightest bit on that file, it will nog make sense anymore to the DAC. Therefore the volume setting in de digital player cq computer must be disabled and setting the volume at 100% disables the volume circuit. That’s why.

I am having a similar problem with my BDP-3. How exactly do you set the volume control to 100%? I am running a Mac mini (ROON CORE) w external hard drive > Bryston BDP-3 (via USB) > McIntosh C2600 DAC (via USB)

The McIntosh DAC and Bryston BDP-3 may not be compatible with each other with regards to DSD support. (we have run into this with the Bryston BDP-2 & BDP-3 and Mark Levinson products.

To either confirm or debunk that notion, try playing DSD files from the Bryston using its own web interface. If you get nothing there, then it is not a Roon issue.