Cannot Play Music on my Computer's System Output

Hi @Michael_Bade,

Thanks for letting us know that updating the SonicTransporter OS has resolved the issues!

It sounds like the OS update also may have cleared out your previous database. Do you by any chance have any Backups of your Roon database before the issues started? If you have a database backup, you can try to restore this to get you edits back.

I have spent much of the afternoon today trying to define the issues and set out what I have to do to make this right. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recent backup - the last one was about a year ago, and I have a lot of new music. So, the easy way forward is not available.

There seem to be two issues. One I can deal with (re-combining multi-disc sets), and one I need advice on. What is happening indicates database corruption: multiple copies of albums were created, or are being created, and if I delete the duplicate copy, the actual underlying music files are deleted from the hard disc (not just the redundant database entry) and all copies of the album disappear from Roon. If I re-copy the album from the NAS back to the Sonictransport and re-scan, two copies of the same thing show up, not just one. What’s worse, in the case of multi-disc sets the different (disaggregated) discs can have different artwork.

I have kept a copy of all ripped or downloaded tracks I have copied to the Sonictransport separately on my NAS. Is there a way to delete the ripped or downloaded music from the Sonictransport and the database without disturbing the Tidal and Qobuz links? I don’t want to lose these. (My library is about half ripped/downloaded and half linked). This issue with duplicates doesn’t exist with linked files - it’s only with regards to music I have ripped or downloaded and installed on the Sonictransport.

The new Help system is a definite improvement over what existed before, but it doesn’t go this deeply (at least I haven’t found a recipe for what I think I need to do). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Michael_Bade,

Thanks for those additional details!

Where are you seeing the duplicates, just inside of Roon or are the music files themselves duplicated as well? Did Roon see two copies of the albums at the same time (did you have duplicate storage location set up in Roon Settings -> Storage)?

If you remove the storage location under Roon Settings -> Storage and re-add them, Roon should re-import the content and match them to existing database entries. I would check to make sure that duplicates are not present in the locations you specify. I would also check your Roon Settings -> General -> Show hidden tracks and albums toggle, it may just be easier to turn that setting off to hide the duplicates.

I solved the duplicate albums issue - I had inadvertently listed a storage location twice. I have upgraded the OS on the Sonictransport and the UltraRendu as well. However, I am having an issue where Roon says it needs to upgrade the software but no software upgrade launches in the normal way, and when I check I only see that the latest version is displayed as the one installed. Is there a way to conclusively check/resolve this? Slow but steady progress otherwise.

Further update: Since I upgraded the OS on my music server and renderer, Roon is permanently in a mode where it says it is adding music to the music library (18 tracks added, 0 identified). It also says that the "Metadata improver is halted, and a software update is needed - yet I have installed the latest, and Roon is not prompting a software update (which is my past experience when one is available).

Also, the Audio Zone comes in and out - sometimes the stereo output is visible and selectable, and then a minute or two later it vanishes.

Hi @Michael_Bade,

Can you please try to perform a full reboot of your SonicTransporter? If the full reboot doesn’t help, I would also try to restart RoonServer via the SonicTransporter Web Interface. Let us know if that helps!

I have sorted out the Sonictransporter issue with SGC. I was able to update the OS to V2.8, and now have a stable endpoint option that is my Mac Pro desktop computer audio output - that’s all fixed. You can close the thread. Thanks for your help! Mike

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Hi @Michael_Bade,

That’s fantastic news, thanks for letting us know you were able to sort the issue out!

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