Cannot select default buffer size

Hi @support,

I noticed that I cannot select “Default” buffer size anymore. The dropdown menu is just getting closed after clicking this selection and the earlier value is shown as selected. This feels like a bug to me. Can you please check and confirm? This happens on iPad app, iPhone app, and also on Windows.

Here is a screen recording:

Hi @Petri ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, I do not have access to a Devialet Export 1000 Pro but I did try to see what I could come up with using the test setup I have here at my desk. When using my Schiit Birfrost I had no issues changing the “buffer size” at will.

Test environment:
Core = NUC w/ROCK (v1.5)(B339)
Remote = MAcBook Air (v1.5)(B339)
Endpoint = Schiit Bifrost

In light of my findings above I have placed a feedback request with the tech team to see what Devialet gear we have in house for testing. Once they fulfill the request I will be sure to update this thread. In the meantime may I kindly ask you to provide the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your setup.
  • Where are you noticing this behavior occurring (core, remote device)?
  • If you reboot everything, including the 1000Pro are you able to reproduce the issue?


Hi @eric and thanks for the reply.

Here is a brief description of my setup:
Core = Roon Nucleus+ (v. 1.5 build 339 stable 64-bit)
Remote = iPad Air 2 & iPhone X (v. 1.5 build 333 stable) & Windows 10 (v. 1.5 build 339 stable 64-bit)
Endpoint = Devialet 1000 Pro (Firmware 13.0.0 + DOS 2.2.2)

I am noticing it on remote devices like iPad Air 2, iPhone X, and Windows 10. Please note that all other values in this menu work just fine, but not the “Default” one - it is impossible to select the “Default”.

I tried rebooting the Devialet, Nucleus+, and remote devices, but unfortunately that didn’t help.

Thanks for the information @Petri, I will let you know what we come up with.

Your patience is very appreciated. Thanks again!

Hello @support, I am experiencing the same problem. I have powered off and on my Devialet 400, cleared the Roon cache, powered off and on the SonicTransporter where Roon server runs, etc. I cannot select anything different from the 2000 ms size and the save button does not do anything. I click and nothing happens.

I can change a value to, say 1000ms but not to the default setting

This is an old bug, that was fixed, then it cames back.

Hi @Gustavo_Gabaldon,

Thanks for pinging us on this, let me check with the team on this one.

Hello @Gustavo_Gabaldon ,

Can you please confirm how you’re connecting the Devialet in this case? Are you connected over Ethernet and are using RAAT streaming or are you using another protocol like USB/Airplay?

Hi, I am using Ethernet and the protocol is Air