Cannot set up scheduled backups of Roon database

For some reason, I am able to do manual back ups of the Roon Database to the local drive of my Mac mini in the downloads folder, but when I try to schedule back-ups to run automatically, I get a message in red that says “Invalid Pathway”. The mini is my Core (but I’m swapping in a Nucleus tomorrow if I can figure that out). I have all of the music on an external USB HDD.

Any idea on why I can do the backups manually with confirmation, but am told the same pathway is invalid when I try to set up scheduled backups?

I’ll probably be back tomorrow when I try to move the Core over to the new Nucleus.

Hey @Joshua_Thayer — Thanks for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re adding for the the scheduled backup so we can take a look?

Also, what kind of external HDD are you backing up to? Do you know how it’s formatted?


Hi Dylan,

Thanks for following up. I think I know what I did wrong. I backed up the database to the mini’s internal HDD, which is also where the database is. The database is in the Library folder and the backup folder is in the Downloads folder.

I’m guessing that, because you recommend not doing that, for reasons that are now obvious to me, the Set Up app does not want to accept that path for scheduled backups, but will allow it on a forced backup?

Anyway, before I do a screen shot or bother you further on this, I’m going to make a backup onto a thumb drive right before switching my Core from my mini to my new Nucleus, and will reach out if I have any trouble with that or with backups going forward.

Thanks again, and please let me know if this sounds right.

Amazing support you guys provide, even to nitwits like me!! :wink:

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