Cannot switch from Albums to Internet Radio [Bug Reproduced]

Roon Control on Windows 8.1, Roon Server and RoonReady on Antipodes. I am playing an album from my music library. If I switch to Internet Radio and try to play a station the album keeps playing. If I alter the Internet Radio ‘Sorted by …’ setting from what it currently is to the alternate setting the Internet Radio function starts to work normally and after that I am freely able to switch between Albums and Internet Radio.

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Roon Support- any comment or suggestions? I am aware that the same problem happens when Roon Control is on iPad.

Unable to replicate on Roon Server with an iPad Control to a Roon Ready microRendu. @Support may be able to investigate further with an Antipodes after the weekend. Have you tried restarting or re-installing Roon Server ?

I also observe this issue using an iPad control point with a Synology DS1515+ as the roon server. Sometimes when trying to play an Internet radio stream, simply nothing happens. Restarting the roon remote app on the iPad usually fixes this. I have never seen this problem when running roon remote on a MacBook Pro (still with Synology running roon server).

This behavior is not specifically reproducible in a way I have found, but happens maybe 10-20% of the times I attempt to start an internat radio stream from the iPad. I don’t think the problem is dependent on the endpoint as I have seen it with both RPi/HiFiBerry and PS Audio Bridge II.

Did this ever get resolved? I see this frequently as well. Roon core running on dedicated machine, remote from either Macbook or IOS.

I have experienced this intermittently with an iPad Mini 3 remote, but not in Windows. If I restart the iPad I get a blue screen flash before it resets which I think means the iPad is in a bad state.

Let’s flag @support and see if there’s any news.

Hey guys, we’ve reproduced this issue. Thanks for the reports and sorry for the delay here.

A ticket is being opened in our bug tracker, and we’ll aim to get a fix in place before the next release.

Appreciate your patience everyone!


Saw this tonight. Playing some songs, went to play Internet Radio, no channels listed. Closed app on iPad, reopened, all stations were there. iPad Air as remote.