Cannot update to Latest version on my old previous Roon nucleus 1.0( build 254)

Roon Core Machine = Roon Nucleus
I had this old previous Roon Nucleus that I wanted to used it again. My current roon Core that sits in a dedicated prime computer connect very well with my Roon Remote in my Mac Book pro with the latest version as to date ROON 2.0.11 . So when I place this previous ROON Nucleus in my network; I cannot even open the browser and access to the roon and in my roon remote it still spinning without able to look for my roon core. On the roon Nucles I notice the lights as working and it is powered on. Please help to suggest solution. Thank you.

Hey @Dr_Paris_Ng_Kwok_Chy,

Ben with the support team here, its good to see you on community again!

Can you please try hooking the nucleus up to a monitor via HDMI and share a screenshot of what you see?

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