Cannot view Roon interface with remote connection


Windows 10 64bit

intel Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHZ
130 GB worth of music

Whenever we start a remote connection, we are unable to live stream the interface when launching. This happens with LogMeIn and Teamviewer.

In order to get the interface to refresh through the internet connection we need to minimize and then reopen the roon interface. It freezes up when the screen is up and we are unable to click on anything at all. Once again, this only happens when we have a remote connection active.

We have updated our intel drivers and that did not resolve the issue. We have also disabled the LogMeIn mirror driver and teamviewer has no driver installed.

Hi Neal,

OK so the Roon core is on an i7 running Win64 … that’s fine.
Some Questions, so helps us understand what’s happening here:

  • What device / OS are you using for the Roon Remote?
  • Are you aware that the normal approach is just to install the Roon application and run it as a remote?
  • How are the devices networked (Hardwired, Wifi)?
  • Is there some special reason you are attempting to use LogMeIn / Teamviewer?

Also do have a look in the Roon Knowledge Base is a good reference source for novices and experts alike.

I have Music Vaults all over and use Logmein to help my customers remotely.

Normally Logmein has no issues with Roon and didn’t on this Music Vault until about 6 days ago. I have uninstalled Roon and reinstalled it and had tech support from logmein try to help too.

My customer has a mac laptop and I am using a windows laptop.


Hi again,
I see, your a commercial operation not a private user, can you update your account title to make the clear.
I’ll leave a flag for @support to follow up with you.

Might check if there was an OS update around then, and if so, then rollback the update.

Hi @Neal_Van_Berg — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated.

To help in my evaluation of this behavior you have reported to us may I kindly ask you to please verify the following:

  1. What graphics card is being utilized in the device you are tapping into?

  2. Are both devices running the most recent version of TeamViewer / LogMeIn?