Can't access ROCK File System or NAS via Hostname

Hi @noris

Please can you let me know the latest on whether ROCK access to Local NAS shares via Hostname has been restored? I have lost access to my local shares configured via hostname and I am am attempting to restore backup after reinstating the same shares by using the the IP address directly.

Two related questions-
Has anything changed in the latest ROCK updates that requires this reconfig, and means that the hostname connections are no longer working?
Is ROCK accessing the file shares using a different protocol when the connections are configured by IP?

There appears to be an SMB issue since I last updated ROCK, as I have the issue noted in this thread and I also cannot access the Roon Core file system via Hostname nor IP - I was trying to access in order to view Log files:

My ROCK configuration is:

Roon Optimized Core Kit
Serial #94C69114138A
Operating System Version 1.0 (build 175) stable
Roon Server Software Version 1.6 (build 416) stable

My local share is hosted on a Synology DS412+
I have raised a separate support ticket with Synology relating to the SMB issue.

However my issue with connecting to the ROCK file system from my Windows laptop (last known working) makes me think that the issue is with ROCK rather than with Synology.

Please could you help me with this?


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Hi @noris, thank you for continuing to diagnose this issue. Please can you update on how to reconnect NAS to ROCK via Hostname?
Or an interim option to restore shares via Direct IP, but retain metadata without needing to rebuild the library?

Joining up as this thread is exactly the same issue as I’m experiencing- answers to your questions quoted:

  1. BT Home Hub 5 router connecting rock build 175 (previously running without issue on Intel NUC) to Synology ds412+ NAS for all local music shares
  2. NAS plugged directly into the router via Ethernet and the Core connected into LAN switch which is wired into the same router. The NAS and the Core both have static IPs assigned
  3. Yes, I can still access the NAS share via Windows Explorer

I have reconnected all shares via Direct IP however the library has undergone a full rebuild and my custom metadata and matches have been lost…

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Jack_O_Donoghue,

Thanks for reaching out to us here and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I have merged your two posts into it’s own thread so that we can take a closer look at this behavior.

This seems very atypical and would indicate there are other issues at play here. Are you certain that the ROCK is still using the address? If you try to connect to the ROCK data share by typing in \\ROCK\ does that fail as well?

The reason why your metadata is missing can occur when Roon sees two copies of the files at the same time. Even though you have the first location listed as not available, it is possible that Roon is reading the new IP-based storage location data as new and importing the files as new database entries with no data associated with them. As long as Roon only sees one copy of the given file, it should be able to match up media to existing database entries based on the file’s audio contents.

As for the main issue at hand, I have discussed this behavior further and QA has proposed a test. I will private message you the details and please let me know if you wish to perform it. Thanks!

What version of Windows had that error message, enterprise, education, etc?

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