Can't add all selected tracks to library

The side issue is bigger, I am afraid. Take a playlist with only non-library versions of tracks. Be sure that there exists no library version of any of the tracks in your library. Select all the tracks in your playlist. Push the three dots (in a circle) on top. You get the option “Add to library”. Use it. It does not work. Never. You can check under My Library > tracks (arranged by date added). It does not work. Not with any selection of tracks from your playlist. You can, however, as you did, painstakingly add each non-library track one by one to your library by using the “…” next to each track.
I guess the “Add to library” option under the “…” (circle) on top… is supposed to work since it is there. But as I said, it does not. A bug?? @dylan: Do you think someone could look into this? That it does not work is a pity because if it would work, I could come up with a more or less efficient way to replace non-library versions of tracks in a playlist with library versions.

Thanks, @Francois_De_Heel — I’ve passed this other issue along to the team to investigate too. I appreciate the detailed report!

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Hi @dylan! Do you know of any progress as far as the investigation into this bug (?) is concerned. Here are some screenshots that might help.

A test playlist (local copy, you can see there is no Tidal logo) with three Woody Guthrie songs.

I check whether none of them is in my Roon library. They are not.

I double check whether I can add the tracks one by one to my library by using the three dots next to each track. This is possible. But for this test I don’t.

I select the three tracks an go to the top three dots (in a circle), the “Add to Library” option is available (not greyed out), I choose it.

I get the message “Added 3 tracks to library”.

I go check in my library. They have not been added.

I double check in my library by arranging the tracks by Date added. The Guthrie tracks are not there.
I triple check by trying to add the three tracks again using the same option under the three dots in a circle on top. The “Add to library” option is still available. It is not greyed out.
I quadruple check by trying to add the tracks one by one to my library. The “Add to library” option is still available (not greyed out) after hitting the three dots next to the track.

In other words: the tracks have not been added although I got the message that they were.

I followed the same procedure with two of the three tracks. Same results. Roon says they are added. But they are not.

Thanks for the follow-up, @Francois_De_Heel, and apologies for the continued troubles here!

I don’t have any specific updates I can provide at this time regarding the status, but I can confirm that this is currently with our QA team for further testing and investigation into the root cause of this issue. Your detailed report is fantastic, though, and I’ll be sure to pass this along to aid in their investigation.

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It seems that this issue still persists, any news?

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Almost one year after the original post, the issue remains. You can’t add a selection of tracks from a playlist to your library by using the “Add to library” option under the three dots (in a circle).

Hey @Francois_De_Heel

I’ve been able to replicate your problem and have reached out to our QA Department. The previous ticket has been bundled into work that is currently underway. I’m unable to say with certainty when this will be fixed but can assure you that it’s on our radar and a part of larger development work. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the wait. Thanks!

Congratulations on replicating the problem after more than a year. It is by the way only one of many problems and inconsistencies that users who like to work with playlists encounter. For me personally, your ‘help’ comes a little late. My patience ran out. But I wish Roon good luck in creating - one day - a system that delivers on its promises.

I am a new Roon user and noticed the same problem. Disheartening to see that this is an ongoing issue since 2021. Any update?

I am experiencing this issue as well. 2+ years later…

I noticed same yesterday