Can't add music to my library (HD in LAN)


I’m trying to set-up my library in roon, but can’t get past the following issue:

-My music is stored in a HD drive, which is connected via USB to my Apple airport, which is in my local network
-My core is a macbook air (8gb ram, i7, Mountain Lion) connceted in the network through WIFI
-I added the HD using the network share option, and was able to set my music folder inside it as the watched folder
-when i scan the folder, it adds just 2 albums from a total of more than 200 (one in dsf, the other in wav formats)
-when i look at the skipped files list, it lists as the other files as I/O failure
-the library is in various formats (flac, WAV, DSF) , but the files aren’t corrupted
-even when i try to drag and drop a file from the HD, they dont get added to the library

Would appreciate some light on the issue.

Thank you

I’ve heard people complain about Airport. As an experiment can you directly attach HDD to your MacBook and then let Roon add from there? Just to see what happens.

Thank you for your detailed report, @gabriel_alves!

As @xxx mentioned above, I definitely think it would be a great test to know if you have a similar experience when you connect the drive directly to the Core machine. If you’re able to successfully add your files in this way, that would likely indicate that there is a networking difficulty with your current setup.


Hey @gabriel_alves,

Just wanted to check in and see if you were able to get up and running here. Let me know if you have any questions!