Can't Change the Channel Layout

Core Machine (Mac OS 10.15.6/MacMini 2018/v1.7, build 610)

Network Details (Wifi)

Audio Devices (Marantz SR-7013 - HDMI)

I am not able to change the Channel Layout settings in the Device Setting window. It is locked on 2.0
Please advise on how this can be modified, or why the setting is locked.

I assume you are HDMI connected into some input on the Marantz. Kindly share which input. Does your Roon audio setup have a selection something like NVIDIA High Definition Audio (WASAPI)? Or is that what you are already connected to with this problem? JCR

Hi @Arash_Amirpour,

Can you share a screenshot of Audio Midi setup for this device?

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction. The MIDI was set to 2 channel. Hence, the block! I switched it and everything was resolved.

Thanks again

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