Can't connect iPhone as endpoint

Roon Core Machine

2013 MacBook Pro running OSX Mojave

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus Zen WiFi 6

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone 11 via WiFi (iOS 15.3.1)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am a new user. I have been able to use my iPhone 11 as a remote for my main system since installing Roon. But when I try to add the phone as an end point (so I can listen on headphones around the house) I get this message ( a red “enabling…”), which just sits there for a few minutes until (apparently) the app times out on the phone and the device disappears from the app until I click into Roon on the phone again.

Am I doing it wrong?

While you are waiting for @support ,maybe just make sure all copies of Roon are all running on up to date revisions.
Will help if you state how your system is set up. Roon on P.C., rock, nucleus? network setup etc
Have you tried restarting Roon core,phone, router, etc?

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I’m running Roon Core on the MacBook Pro. The MBP is connected to my router via Ethernet. I just updated Roon Core, but the problem persists.

I have no trouble streaming to another Mac on WiFi from the Core, and Roon Remote works fine on the iPhone, so I doubt it is network issue.

Are they all on the same build number.
Which actually today is now 923 as brand new build out

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IOS up to date, router restarted just to eliminate it from the cause of your problem. You would be surprised how many problems with Roon turn out to be network related, even if you don’t think so, as I have found out personally before.

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I think core is on 923 and remote still 918 until apple approve it, mine certainly is.

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In the US, Apple added Build 923 to their App Store yesterday. I updated to 923 across my Core and iOS devices earlier this morning. Can you please check if the iOS client has been updated? Roon typically does not work well with mismatched clients and Core versins.

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I am not the O.P.

Thank you!

Updating the app on my phone did the trick.

(As an aside to Roon developers, that’s not optimal software development, especially because (i) because the app doesn’t alert me to the issue and (ii) AFAIK I have to update the phone app through the app store, which is separate from the process for updating Core software.)

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Yes, when you update all in Roon , it doesn’t always update all the remotes across the various gadgets it is installed on.

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