Cant connect roon rock intel nuc to network

Hi, I have just to moved to the states from uk and attempting to setup my intel nuc rock system to the router here. I have it connected by ethernet cable to the router (xfinity box)

Roon software on my laptop or phone doesnt see the rock core. Any ideas how to debug this?

Im sure im doing something stupid. Should i be able to access it via an ip address?



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To find IP address you can 1) hook up a screen, boot up the ROCK machine and, if everything goes well, the IP address will be shown or 2) log into your router software and find ROCK’s IP address there.

Put the IP address into a browser window and ROCK’s Web GUI will be displayed. Post a screen print of that.

When i hook up a screen it says i can access a web ui of the rock on When i try this from a laptop on the network it just sits there. If i run the fing ios app to look at whats connected to the router all the addresses of items connected are 10.0.0.x, none of which get me to the nuc. I thought they always started 192 so maybe something going on there

Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. I think xfinity uses type addresses. Let’s see what your router says.

Look for a device named ROCK.

When you were in the UK where you using the same ROCK machine? If so, did you set a static address inside the ROCK Web GUI?

Okay, I am in but dont see any devices called rock, only hex mac addresses

Our posts crossed in the ether.

I asked this -

I had the muc box working in the uk, cant remember what setting i made on it though. It has been a year because of covid to get over here. I just remember it was connected via ethernet to a router. I may have made a static address though that would have been with external help.

Did we message before? as i say quite a while ago

OK, in the UK did your addresses take the form of

Also, when you looked in the router here, the addresses were all of the type, right?

thats right. In uk most addresses are 192.168.1 (normally, also 0 i think). Here xfinity reports them all as 10.0.0

although typing any of the 4 10.0.0 addresses into a search bar just sits there too

OK, that’s a problem.

My working hypothesis is that in the UK someone set up a static address in the Web GUI to be That address won’t work with an xfinity network as it expects 10.0.0.xx, but it (probably) is what’s causing the ROCK at boot up to display the address.

There is a way to reset ROCK (which I can’t remember), but at this point the easiest thing to do is to reinstall the ROCK OS from flash.

Never, ever (if you did) set a static address inside the Web GUI. It’s a trap that the Roon programmers set for the unwary. Inexcusable.

Whoa! will i loose my playlists that i built up?

You take Backups, don’t you?

I think i did somewhere

I just typed resetnetworrk and its now on which i can see from a web browser!

OK, our posts crossed in the ether, again. I was going to point to an article advising that.

Never mind. Here’s a KB article on how to reset your IP to use DHCP.

You should be able to log into the GUI now, or for that matter use Roon.

Did you help me previously? - changing addresses and such (for some reason i cant remember)

No, this is the first time, I think. Can you get into Roon, now?

Im in! thank you so much!!


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