Can't connect Roon to WD MyCloud

Hi @support,

Currently running a trial of Roon and after a few hours of self diagnosis, I’m completely lost. I want to use Roon to play music stored on my WD My Cloud to my Naim Mu-so and Naim Streamer. I’ve always used Naim’s app and everything has always worked well.

I have an iMac and want to use Roon’s remote on my iPhone and/or iPad. I’ve tried all the threads and I’m thoroughly confused. I do not want to use my iMac at all for playing music.

Please help!

We’ve seen issues with My Cloud devices before, but not that many recently. I’m sure we can figure this out.

Did you read this thread:

Can you also let us know exactly what you’ve tried and what errors you’re seeing?

Hi Mike,

Yes, i think i’ve tried following that thread. I’ve attached a screenshot of my Finder. I’ve managed to add roon and also WD My Cloud but can’t get them to connect through the roon app.


Also, made the MyCloud IP address static and tried connecting with the smb and ftp approaches.

Any ideas?

Any ideas @support

What machine is running your core? The reason I ask is that you state you don’t want to use your IMac at all for playing music. The Core needs to be running somewhere for Roon to work.

A couple of things:

You can see whether WDMyCloud is connected via AFP or SMB by selecting the volume “WDMyCloud” in the Finder and typing cmd-I. There’ll be a URL shown in the resultant Info dialog that will start with either “afp” or “smb”.

I’m not sure what the removable disk named “roon” is — maybe it’s the Roon installation “.dmg”? — but unless there’s some compelling reason to do otherwise, the Roon application should be installed in your Mac’s “Applications” folder.

If you visit the Western Digital website and check out their forums you will see that there are a lot of people complaining about their MyCloud drives (not) working with Time Machine. The threads go on to say there are general problems with the latest batch of drives and Macs in general. I think this might be a WD problem and not a Roon problem.

Thanks @bearFNF So do you have to have a Mac/PC on to run Roon? I can currently play music stored on my My Cloud without having my Mac on, but are you suggesting I need to have my Mac on to play Roon?

Well Roon having come back to me, so I’m at a complete loss. I consider myself reasonably tech savvy but this seems needlessly complicated. I already have a great set up with my Naim system, Naim app and networked WD My Cloud. Is all this hassle really worth it? But thank you to all for pitching in to help!

Sorry, I should have said - Roon have NOT come back to me.

This might help:

I for one think the effort is worth it, to have a core machine running is a small price to pay to get all the discovery of new music and background information that comes with it.

Thanks Bob. But can’t even get it running on the Mac! But I’ll keep trying!

Hey @Richard_England – can you let us know exactly what you’ve tried so far on the Mac and where you’re getting stuck?

I’m sure we can get this working for you, and then we can add some time to your trial as well, once you’re up and running.

Hi @support

Will do, in the meantime could you tell me if we get it working, will I always need to have my mac on to run roon? Or can it be run from my server and/or iPhone/iPad?

Yes, the computer that runs Roon core (Roon or Roon Server) needs to be turned on for you to be able to play music. Neither your WDMyCloud nor your iDevices are capable of running Roon core.

You might want to take a look at this info from the Knowledge Base:

Hi @Richard_England ----- I wanted to touch base with you to see how things were going here. Have you made any new observations or progress since your last posting, three days ago?

Let me know, and if further assistance is required we will be glad to lend a hand!


Hi Eric @support Thanks for following up. I’m going to leave it. I’d be keen on roon if it could be run without having to have my mac on. But I believe that’s not the case. A pity, but thanks for your help.