Can't connect to core from Mac OSX

I have a roon core install on linux ubuntu
i can reach it from any device but can’t reach it from Macbook running Catalina
I can do ssh to the core computer so its not a net problem
it keep searching the core even while i give him the IP address

Try entering for the IP in the iphone app

not working
i removed the app and installed it again - connected correctly but after closing the app and reopen it the problem exists - searching forever

Hi @liran_benhaim,

Have you made sure to configure the Ubuntu firewall properly?

Let me know if this helps!

i can acces roon via android device and iPad , only via MacBook its not working
only if i boot the mac and only once

Hi @liran_benhaim,

What exactly do you mean by only if you boot the mac and only once?

What are the symptoms you are seeing? Is it connection failed, do you not see it at all or do you get some other kind of error?

Are you using any VPN or firewall on the Mac? Is Roon added as an exception to the Mac firewall?

im getting the roon window with an endless message “waiting for remote core”
if im trying to help it , giving the core IP it keep searching
if i boot the mac - something it helps but after closing roon and reopen it the problem returns
i don’t use any VPN/firewall
i can access roon core from several other devices without any problem

Hello @liran_benhaim,

Can you please clarify on this aspect? You are saying that if you reboot the Mac, you are able to use it until you exit the app and this behavior is consistent?

Do you by any chance have any firewall applications like Bullgard / Little Snitch on the Mac?

sometimes after reboot it connects but after i exit the app or disconnect from the network and reconnect again the connection to the roon core lost
i don’t have any firewall , anyway the firewall if exists prevent connection from the remote side but in this case the mac is making the request
also if i click help and give it the core ip address , it keep searching it
if i use ssh to connect to the core - no problem

Your Mac ip address is maybe a static one.
If so, please try use the dhcp on your LAN

not static
sure DHCP

It is a broadcasting problem or asynchronous routing.
Would you please tell us your network config on your lan ?

_Core computer network interface
_mac client network interface
_router network config

For all of them please give us ip address if static or dhcp, mask, gateway, dns


inet netmask broadcast

inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast

both gateway

i don’t understand what exactly you want from router net config

Hi @liran_benhaim,

Do you have multiple networking interfaces active on the Mac?
That looks like a hex netmask, are you using IPv6?

What may be interesting here is seeing the logs from the Mac before and during this issue, can you please reproduce and send me two log sets, one of Roon on the Mac operating as expected and once when the connection is lost? You can access logs by these instructions, as a reminder these are for the Mac Remote logs (under ~Library), not for the Linux Core.

logs here:
meanwhile i found a workaround - if i disable wifi, enable it again , select a different network and switch again to the correct network it works

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Hi @liran_benhaim,

Thanks for sending those logs over. Looking over the log, I don’t see one error in particular but quite a few:

NetworkError (The request was aborted: The request was canceled.) &

System.Net.WebException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: Connection timed out errors.

Is the Mac currently on WiFi? Does the issue reproduce if you try to disable WiFi and have the Mac connected via Ethernet as a test?

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