Can't connect to my ROCK as a "registered user" only as "guest"

I don’t recall ever having set a password for accessing ROCK on a NUC that was any different than my normal iMac system login. But it won’t let me login as a “registered user” now, just as a “guest.” It may be irrelevant, since there don’t appear to be any restrictions on my “guest” access. There aren’t any saved passwords in Keychain or my password storage app. Nor have I ever made a note about this in any of the notes that I maintain about all-things-Roon. Am I forgetting something? Is there a way to reset this password, or do I just not need to worry about it?

guest/guest is normal (ROCK doesn’t know anything about your normal iMac system login. Accounts for SMB would have to be setup on the host system and ROCK has no facilities for this (in contrast to a general-purpose operating system where this would be possible)):

Same for ROCK:

Thank you. It’s nice to be reassured that I’m not going completely daffy.

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This is the way…I have spoken

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