Can't connect to Nucleus+ during initial setup

it’s already plugged in with flashing lights saying the the interknet connection is working. Roon still can’t connect

So, you have a network cable with one end plugged into the Nucleus and the other end plugged into the Fritzbox, and you have the Nucleus connected to your TV with an HDMI cable? Right?

If all that is done, then you should see something like this on your TV:

1 & 2 yes. I just disconnected the tv and put back in my bedroom. incidentally i can now connect to nucleus via smb, ie i can see my files i transfered to it

I need to go to work; I’m sure @dylan will be checking in on this thread and take things further with you…

i have go out now, for a few hours, i appreciate it you’re able to provide solutions to help get it up and running so i’m able to set it up after i get home. i’ve done everything as per the manual to no avail. is there a possibility of a fault in the nucleus?

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Based on the screenshot you’ve provided of the Web UI, things appear to be working properly on the Nucleus. It’s connected to the network and you’re able to access it over the network, so it seems that there is something specific to the MacBook’s ability to connect as a remote.

Can you confirm how the MacBook is connected to the network? Is it on the same subnet as the Nucleus?

Have you tried using a different remote device besides the MacBook? Any other Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices?


That sounds promising.

Suddenly I can now connect via Roon, everything seems OK.


Hi Dylan,

I just moved the Nucleus down to my music room and reconnected the tp-link power lines.
No problem with internet through ethernet through the powerline on my mac, but I can’t connect to the Nucleus on the mac or any other device through Roon.
The solid orange and flashing green lights at the back of the Nucleus are functioning.

I think you’d better spell out just how your network is set out - what connects to what.

I’m just wondering when you say:

No problem with internet through ethernet through the powerline on my mac

whether in fact the Mac is using the gigabit ethernet port (which presumably is connected to the TP-Link powerline), or whether its actually switched to the WiFi network, and is using the AirPort card in the Mac.

I assume that the PowerLine has multiple ports on the unit in the music room, so that you can plug in both the Mac and the Nucleus to the same unit? And the other Powerline unit is connected with an ethernet cable to your Fritzbox?

Hi Geoff,

I’ve disconnected the Powerlines and have plugged the Nucleus directly into the Fritzbox router. I’ve been trying to connect to the Nucleus via Roon for over an hour on my devices.
How long should it take?

When I had the Powerline plugged in one of the Powerline ethernet outlets went to a Thunderbolt hub and then to my Macbook via the Thunderbolt cable from the hub. I turned off wifi and connected to the internet via ethernet.

I used another Ethernet outlet on the Powerline directly to the Nucleus.

Yes another powerline was connected to the Fritzbox.

I still don’t have a clear idea of how your network is currently set up - you seem to be changing more than one thing at a time, which makes accurate diagnosis a trifle difficult (for me, at least).

Let’s just start with the Nucleus powered down, and then directly connected to the FritzBox router with an ethernet cable. Power up the Nucleus.

You say that you can browse the internet with your MacBook? If so, you should be able to also browse to the FritzBox web page at address

See what devices the FritzBox knows about on your home network. In the FritzBox menu, choose Home Network/ Home Network Overview and the Network Connections tab. That should give you a list of all the active connections - and the Nucleus should be in this list, together with your MacBook. The display should look something like this (I have a different FritzBox, but I think your model should have a similar display)

Hopefully, you will see the Nucleus in the list of active connections, with its IP address (something like Your MacBook should also be in the list (with a different IP address: 192.168.178.yyy). If it is, then on your MacBook, use your web browser and the Nucleus IP address to check that you can access the Web Administration page of the Nucleus.

Let’s first see that we can get this far before going on with the next steps…

Hi Geoff,

Thanks that’s what I’m doing, I disconnected the powerlines and connected the Nucleus to the Fritzbox. Roon has finally connected but it takes an inordinately long time.

You can see from the screen shot that Nucleus is listed and my 2 macbooks, Paul’s MBP 1 & 2, I’m considering returning the Powerlines to the dealer and replacing them and my Fritz with either an Netgear orbi Mesh system or a new Fritzbox to add to the 7490 as a mesh system.
To enable to move the nucleus back downstairs, as the Router has to be upstairs.
What would advise?

What, precisely, do you mean by this? Connecting to Roon from what? What do you see? How Long is it taking?

Have you been able to access the Web Administration page of the Nucleus+? Is that taking a long time?

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Does this happen every time? Is this just when the Nucleus is booting up or with every connection from the Mac?