Cant connect to Other Network Devices

Picked up a new Orbi system. Everything that is connected to to the router(Nucleus, Oppo and DAC) is working fine. Roon cant seem to find my HomePod, Sonos, Apple TV’s etc. What is wrong?

what operating system? check your firewall, maybe turn it off and see if Roon can see the devices. May need to add roon as an exception in the firewall?

Can you confirm not accidentally using a guest (WiFi or cable) network?

What is the Orbi connecting into? If it is a service provider router or gateway, do you have two networks running, one on the Orbi and one on the original router? For the HomePod, AppleTV, etc., have you tried turning these off and reconnecting to your new Orbi system? Everything needs to be on the same network,

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the orbi is connected to a bios router. the orbi is in AP mode.

Different subnets or everything within a single range? Like

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Thanks Larry. Sometimes it is best to run your mesh network as a self-contained network acting as its own subnet from the service provider equipment. Do you have two networks running or as @Bernd_Kurte noted, is everything connected to the same 192.168.x or 10.0.x network range?

Thanks. Yes 2 networks. Orbi in AP mode and Fios router in router mode.

Then your likely running two dhcp servers and two networks so Roon which is on the wired one won’t see the others on the wireless as it doesn’t work across subnets. You need to set the orbi in bridge mode so it gets DHCP from you router and all devices connected to it get given an IP address the same as your wired network.

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Or alternately connect everything to the Orbi devices on that subnet and use the Orbi as your home network, with the primary Orbi device connected to your FiOS router via Ethernet.


Thanks all! I reset the Orbi, and started from scratch. I set it up with the web browser instead of the Orbi app. Everything reconnected. Thanks for all the help.


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