Can't connect to Roon on Orbi/Xfinity network

Yes that would work :smile: Brain tired after a long day at work. My excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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Thanks, ged. I’ll have a look later on.

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All these things are balances of money, convenience, performance.
11000 albums isn’t huge in absolute terms (though enormous really :grin:) and well within the capabilities of an i3 nuc.
Buying a nucleus or a sonic transporter of the same power buys you a turnkey solution so you don’t have to build anything but you pay more.

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Good point. Not sure I have the energy to pursue a home-built solution. I built my own hi-perf PCs way back in the 80s/90s and am over that. My hobby now is listening and not building. Time is $$$ too. Once you’re rolling your own, it can be easy to get drawn into trying the latest CPU or SSD and end up spending almost as much as turnkey. Still, I’ll look into it!

There are loads of places that will do the physical build of the nuc for you. Installing ROCK is easy, really easy.
I3, 8gb memory, 128gb m2 SSD, 4tb disk.

Why would I need two purchase a new system after 3-4 years

@Still-One If you read the OP’s comments that is exactly what SGC have told him he needs to do to resolve his current issues. Buy a whole new system from the, because the one they sold him in 2016 can no longer cut it.

I purchased my I5 from SGC in mid-17. I have over 10k of my tracks plus a significant number of Tidal tracks tagged as I see little reason to purchase CD’s to rip any longer. (I know they are not stored on my drive) I will never run into track limiting with my unit.

I don’t know here this 4k Roon “limit” was identified.

@Still-One Apparently, that 1 year makes a difference. Bought mine in Feb (I think) 2016. Andrew logged on to the machine and immediately saw it would no longer handle more than 5K.

I’m struggling with the idea of upgrade. Computer gererations typically are 4 or 5 years, at which point the software and features have bloated enough to require a new machine for efficient work. So much different from analog stuff, some of which still sounds great 30 or more years later. Maybe took a wrong turn & should have stayed with analog.

So do I need to come to terms with the idea of upgrading hardware every 4 or 5 years? Probably do, but I’d love to see an upgrade path that at least lets me keep the same basic machine for 7 or 8 years. Pop in new CPU & RAM or whatever. Wouldn’t hardware upgrade also be true if I go path of NUC? I’m guessing Roon doesn’t run well on older generations & will need to do upgrades there every 5 years?

Roon supports as below, the nuc5 was released in 2015 and is still fully supported, so probably a couple of years or more left in that.

We have worked with Intel to support their Intel NUC line of products. They are low power high performance easy to install units that work very nicely as a Roon Core Server. The models we support are:

  • NUC5i3xxx
  • NUC5i5xxx
  • NUC6i3SYx
  • NUC6i5SYx
  • NUC7i3BNx
  • NUC7i5BNx
  • NUC7i7BNx
  • NUC7i3DNx
  • NUC7i5DNx
  • NUC7i7DNx
  • NUC8i3BEx
  • NUC8i5BEx
  • NUC8i7BEx

Hi @Stephen_Brill,

Thanks for reaching out to Small Green Computer regarding this issue. Since the current Core is under-spec’d for it’s current library size, you might have to invest in some better hardware here. ROCK is a great choice among our user-base and one of the i5 or i7 models should be sufficient for years to come. If you prefer a turn-key solution, you could also look into purchasing a Roon Nucleus as the Core.

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Orbi…your in for a world of hurt…until they get the firmware properly sorted. Multicast simply is not working properly on these devices, trust me…

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@YYZ If there’s an issue, I’ll do what Still-One suggests and add a switch after the Orbi. He had success with that, so who knows? First I need to beef up my core, though. Then, I’ll try it and see. If Orbi still a problem, I could use Xfinity as cable modem/router and bridge the Orbi to act as switch for mesh network.

I do get 4 or 5 days of good audio before I can’t talk to Roon core. Guessing this is some sort of processing/memory issue with the SonicTP that takes a few days to eat up cache or something. I’d think if the Orbi was the problem I’d see a different kind of problem. I will take it under advisement however that the Orbi has the potential to be troublesome.

I had all kinds of problems until I did this - stuck a switch after the orbi device (between Mac mini core and Orbi router) - now has resolved most problems, although on Mac remotes I still have some problems connecting sometimes (need to repoint the remote to where my core lives). I have no technical explanation why this has resolved the majority of my problems…

Resolution was to purchase a new i5 SonicTP, as the previous one was underpowered to handle 11K+ albums. SGC dropped $100 off the price. I also added a switch, more than anything because I had 7 hardwire ethernet connections (even with mesh router have some bandwidth issues in a few key spots in the house). That should help with any Orbi issues. I’m not yet doing multiple zones yet, but it’s working well now. No issues have cropped up.

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Thanks one and all for advice!

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Hi @Stephen_Brill,

That’s fantastic news, happy to hear you got the issue sorted out!

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