"Can't Connect to Roon Search" back again

Roon Core Machine

ROCK/NUC running build 1180
Client build 1180 on Windows 11 PC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz!Box 7530 - unmanaged Netgear switches - no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Denon AVR connected via HDMI with ROCK/NUC
Quad Atera Link connected via USB to RPi4 + RoPieee
Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Ultra
Windows PCs/Tablets running Roon
Surface Duo 2 running Roon Remote and ARC
Nokia 7 running Roon Remote

Number of Tracks in Library

61544 tracks

Description of Issue

Searching for “Turandot” produces a list of initial results, but trying to view all results produces the “Can’t connect” error.

Hey @Geoff_Coupe ,

Are you still seeing this issue at the present time? That search seems to be working ok on my end.

Yup - still present…

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Thanks for confirming @Geoff_Coupe . I noticed the issue occurring on January 7 and 10 but haven’t seen it pop up in your Roon logs since then. Are you still able to reproduce at the moment?

Ah - it’s OK at the moment… Thanks.

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